newWitch #17
Power & Passion


newWitch #17 - Power & Passion
Our first color issue! Michael Night Sky's interview with singer, harpist, composer and producer Regan High Priestess starts off this issue, while Lupa and Taylor Ellwood add (more than) a bit of spice with their article on "Esoteric Ecstacy: An Introduction to Kink Magic." Back down to earth, we have two articles for those with wanderlust this summer season; Natalie Zaman's profile of the magical home of Arthurian Legend "Wandering Witch Goes to Glastonbury" and a comprehensive guide to Pagan festival-going "Festival Season" containing both a spotlight on Circle Sanctuary's Pagan Spirit Gathering and a list of 26 Pagan friendly events for Summer and Early Fall. Plus a super-powers meets Paganism excerpt from Christopher Knowles' book "Our Gods Wear Spandex", Phil Brucato's continued column on RPGs and Paganism; articles on erotic piercings, and, of course, Good Witch/Bad Witch and Astrospell's guide to best spellcasting dates for the summer.

80 pages, released June 2008

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