newWitch #2
A Merry Little Yuletide


newWitch #2 - A Merry Little Yuletide

"Accept the miracle -- don't wait for the light, be the light!" extorts editor Dagonet Dewr in his opening editorial for this, the second issue of newWitch. And our writers aim to bring light to the season of darkness! Our cover interview "A Different Sort of Christmas Carol" profiles writer, pagan, sexologist and educator Dr. Carol Queen and her career helping empower and inspire us to discover and enjoy our unique sexual selves. Plus we've got a wonderful article profiling a large number of Pagan rock-n-roll groups, a Pagan guide to the world of Hinduism, and an article on Goddess-friendly comics.

We've also got a special section on Pagan-Solstice holiday gift-giving; including a beginner's guide to discovering good occult stores (online and brick-and-mortar varieties); tips for finding inexpensive Pagan gifts that won't seem "cheap" but are; crafty magick for making your own presents; and stirring up magick in the kitchen. (Share or eat your creations, it's your choice!) Plus more: 6 magical secrets for drawing luck; a Pagan guide to the zodiac; Christopher Penczak on Urban magick; interfaith holiday celebrations; Jason Pitzl-Waters interviews Hagalaz Runedance and a double-helping of Good Witch/Bad Witch. Lots to enjoy in this 80 page issue from the Winter of 2002.

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