newWitch #9
Love, Sex & May Day


newWitch #9 - Love, Sex, and May Day
What if you cast a love spell and it actually worked? Witch, attorney, and author Phyllis Curott's tells the true story behind the book The Love Spell: An Erotic Memoir of Spiritual Awakening.

More MayDay/Beltane Magic includes "The Hedonist's Pantheon: Deities of Passion," "The Wild Host: Introduction to Post Modern Faerie," "Elemental Magic for Growth & Change," "Gods, Goddesses, and the Energy of Astrology," "Elemental Magic of Earth," "Safety and Freedom: Wicca on the Web," "How to Make Magical Garlands," "Car (and Travel) Magic," "The Gothic Medieval Music of Qntal," "Pagan Fiction: Conjuring Johnny Depp," and much more.

80 illustrated pages, published in Summer 2005.

Mini flash-view of this issue.

Table of contents in PDF format.

Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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