SageWoman #94
Wisdom of Water


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SageWoman #94 - Wisdom of Water.

In this issue of SageWoman, we listen closely to hear the voice of Water in our lives. We hear Water in the rain, the rivers, the sea, even in the endless pulse of our own blood. Discover the magic of Water!

What I’m Learning From the Lake
by Jen McMconell
I have not yet discovered how to address Her, other than silent worship as I run along Her shores, my heart pounding.

She is Raining by Jane Meredith
"She rains and the streams are revived, waterfalls come to life, and the earth drinks it down, the people run outside, laughing, lifting their hands and calling out praise."

Journey to Sedna by Meredith Everwhite
She is the Inuit goddess of the Sea; benthic “Big, Bad Woman,” and transfigured mother of creatures of the deep. Do we dare to visit?

Lessons from the Mist by Danielle Dulsky
When I wake on a foggy morning, I can tell it’s time to learn by the way the sky kisses my neighbor’s roof outside my bedroom window.

Dancing with Aphrodite by Callie Blackstone
Aphrodite did not speak in a ditzy, flirtatious tone. Her voice was strong, her words loud and clear.

Upheld by Water by Susan Marek
I stand in the shower, the hot water running in rivulets down my back. It is here that I recharge and renew myself for the day ahead.

Seeing with Island Eyes by Molly Remer
I adore being the type of person who sees with island eys and pays attention to what is happening on the shore.

Water Belongs to Itself by Elizabeth Creeley
Water will sweep you out of the way: it’s got things to do and places to go, which doesn’t leave much room for frail human bodies.

Goddess Women in the World

"A Goddess Temple Arises in Utah” One determined woman creates a temple to the goddess in a most unlikely location.

Mary K Greer: Living the Tarot

Meet one of the most beloved Tarot writers in the world in this exclusive profile of Mary K. Greer by Debra DeAngelo.

One of Ten Thousand Names: "Goddess Myth, Lore, and Ritual"
Ran: Norse Mistress of the Sea by Diana Paxson

Wisdom from our columnists Susun Weed, Alison Leigh Lilly, Janet Callahan, Holli Emore, Anne Hill, Crystal Blanton, Nancy Vedder-Shults, Leslie J. Linder, and Rebecca Bailey. Plus reviews, and letters from readers on their own stories of Magic & Water in "The Rattle."

88 pages, December 2018.

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