SageWoman #89
Roots & Wings


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SageWoman #89 - Roots and Wings.
How do we balance our contrasting impulses to break free from what binds us and yet root deeply in what keeps us centered? In this issue, our readers share their stories about how they find inspiration to spread their wings without losing touch with their roots.

In our first essay, "Dreams of Flight," Marcia Kasperski Peterson ponders how she found her place — like her ancestors before her — by following her restless nature to the place from which the Goddess calls her.

In "The Guiding Voice Within" Jill Boyles goes on a memorable adventure with her youngest daughter, all the while contemplating that the real journey is learning how she can make a new life on her own now that her children are moving into their own independent lives.

Julie Lovejoy — who comes from a family that strenuously avoided any talk of death — discovers the magic of her ancestor’s presence in her essay "Grandmother's Grave: A White Girl in the Cemetery."

Even before she became a mother, Sara Ferguson knew that she would want to do a ritual blessing for her baby. She describes how that ritual came into being (and turned out) in “Blessing Day: How We Welcomed Our Son to the Circle of Life."

After helping her mother during her final illness, Noel Knower realized that she had let herself be ruled by fear and the illusion of security. She details her journey into the unknown in her essay "Taking Flight."

"I didn't give birth to my daughter the way I thought a priestess would," writes Jen McConnell. Find out the challenges she faced, and how she came through them, in her story, "Birthing Into Joy."

Growing up, author Pamela Genghiní Muñoz had trouble putting down roots due to her military family's constant moves. But she has found an unusual place that helped her understand how to ground herself without getting bogged down, and she shares her experience in "Huerco Tanks: Finding My Path in an Ancient Oasis."

Who are the Land Spirits, and why should we pay attention to them? Discover the ancient roots of Pagan practice and connection with the elemental spirits of the places we live in Diana Paxson’s essay, "Wights: Living with the Land Spirits."

Our columnists also share their wisdom: Susun Weed reminds us of the importance of choosing our story as we face our healing journeys; Allison Leigh Lilly shares the lessons she has learned from Blue Jays; Janet Callahan describes how a house becomes a home; Donna Henes exhorts us to ground ourself first in any creative endeavor; and Leslie Linder shares the wisdom of crows and corvids in her column "Black Feathers."

How can we find our roots when our history may be fragmented and full of missing links? Lizann Bassham looks back more than one generation in "Healing Roots," while Ann Hill reminds us of the power of grounding and centering practices to deal with trauma and healing and Crystal Blanton finds the deep wisdom of her (previously distant) family in "Rooted in the Land."

Our astrologer Danielle Blackwood examines the place of home in the Fourth House; Goddess scholar Nancy Vedder-Shultz returns with the first of two columns on the pre-history of the Hindu goddess Durga; and new SageWoman writer Rebecca Bailey describes how the land nourishes her soul in her new column "Living on Earth."

This inspiring issue is completed with our poetry spotlight on the work of Carol Gloor, our "letters from readers" section "The Rattle," reviews of Goddess-centering books and tools, our poet spotlight, and our final essay "The Sweetness and the Sting," by Saveria Miriam Winterstar.

"When we change our stories, we change our relationship to ourselves, often profoundly," reflects Susun Weed in this issue. We hope that these stories will inspire our readers to find their own stories — to value our roots, while still finding our wings.

This 88 page issue was released in late March and features the classic painting "Rooted in Reverence, Seated in Spirit” by Mara Berendt Friedman.

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