SageWoman #63
The Journey


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SageWoman #63 - The Journey
"The Road goes ever on and on," as Bilbo says, and in this issue of SageWoman we celebrate the journeys we take in time, space, and spirit. We start with Meg Beeler's lyrical account of her journeys in Peru in "Filaments of Connection."We then follow Elizabeth Fisher on "The Healing Journey: Learning to Follow Our Inner Voice" and join Rhonda Rhett in "Trolling for Mountain Lion." Further afield, we go backpacking with Sue Spirit, shamanic journeying with Leni Austine, traveling in Africa in "Invoking Nehalennia" and finding the Goddess in Mexico with Judy Shook. We are on a journey of a different sort in Diana Paxson's "Looking for Love", offered sage advice by Lunaea Weatherstone, and celebrating Winter Solstice with Waverly Fitzgerald. Plus rituals for invoking Brigid, lots of reviews, and a sharing with our readers in the Rattle. Winter, 2003, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, 96 illustrated pages.

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