Soul Stirrings
The SageWoman Cookbook

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From Eve's apple to Persephone's pomegranate, from the golden honey of Oshun to the creamy milk of Brigid, food is the body of the Goddess, Her abundant love made manifest. In these pages, women's voices harmonize in a chorus of joyful grace before the blessing of food. Food is sacred!

Food is also fun, and so this is a cookbook like no other. Goddess-loving SageWoman readers and writers share their recipes, wisdom and stories filled with the joy of yummy. It's about the delights of the Mother's bounteous table -- creamy, crunchy, gooey, chewy, cool and fresh, hot and spicy. And, most of all, it's about the connection between the food you take into your mouth and the nourishment you take into your spirit. It's about food as Goddess, and eating as prayer.

Each chapter celebrates the food, rituals, and magick of one of the four seasons, and Renee Christine Yates's black and white illustrations pay tribute to each of them. We encourage you to add your own energy to these pages by printing out the pages and coloring the artwork!

More than just a cookbook, this is a celebration of the Goddess in the most intimate aspects of our daily life. 198 pages of luscious, mouth-watering goodness with over 140 recipes, spells, meditations, poems, and stories. (Includes a full table of contents, and index of all recipes.)

Originally published in 1999, 'Soul Stirrings' sold out in two original paper editions. The digital e-book in PDF format is readable on all desktops, laptops, pads, and major e-readers; it is also print-enabled so you can print out your favorite recipe for stove-top reference or to color the pictures and display on your altar!

Over 100 pages of magical recipes from SageWoman contributors. ONLY available in digital.

Introduction, Table of Contents and Index in PDF format.

Available in the following PDF editions:


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