SageWoman #77
Longing & Desire


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SageWoman #77 -Longing & Desire

Sex is deeply entangled with desire, with wanting, with dancing between that which we have and what (or whom) we dream of possessing. In this issue of Sagewoman, we explore those very rivers of hormone-drenched passion. But in addition to sex, there are many ways to feel and express desire beyond the solely physical, and those longings are examined and celebrated in this issue as well.

DeAnna Alba tackles the most intense of human longing — that for the divine itself — in her essay "Intimate Goddess: Sex, Desire and the Divine Lover." Daphne Carpenter, on the other hand, describes her dizzying fall into carnal, intoxicating love in "A Perfect Storm" while Lisa Noble describes the gradual unfolding of an artistic vision in "Longing for Mystic Bohemia." A seemingly frivolous desire — for a real Renaissance-style gown — reveals deeper issues of self-image and nostalgia in Dorothee Barth's "Juliet's Threads." Award-winning author "Mama Donna" Henes takes a Queenly stance towards the issue of longing in "I Am the Object of My Own Desire" while eco-pagan author, activist, and gardener reveals the subtle and deep rivers of connection between ourselves and the lands we choose to inhabit in "The Resonance of Home." Our feature interviewee in this issue is a bit of a departure: we share the wisdom and Hindu-based spirituality of a living religious icon in "Responding to Divine Love with Mother Amma."

Plus, our lore-mistress Diana Paxson reveals the mysteries of the ultimate love Goddess — Aphrodite — who, it turns out, is the mistress of inspiration in the arts and literature, as well as sensual passion. Our regular columnists (including Z Budapest, Susun Weed, DeAnna Alba, Barbara Ardinger and many more) offer their own unique voices to this rich and rewarding issue of SageWoman.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released in November, 2009

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