SageWoman #76
Wheel of the Year


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SageWoman #76 - The Wheel of the Year

At the core of Goddess spirituality is connection to the grounded, immanent power of the natural world and Earth's cycles. This issue of SageWoman focuses on the Wheel of the Year, the seasonal pattern of weather, light and dark, and plant and animal life in which we live. Ranging from the summer heat of the Sonoran desert to the rainy winter of the Pacific Northwest, our contributors have woven a rich and diverse tapestry of seasonal musings, lore, and magic.

We begin with Leni Hester's "Dancing with the Seasons" in which she leads us through her discovery of the depth and richness of following Gaia's wheel. Next, Shawn Finn writes of the "Sonoran Seasons" — an ecosystem in which she originally struggled to discover familiar signs of the seasonal spiral, but has now discovered the subtle but very real manifestations of Goddess in the desert of the Southwest. Nolina Bryant goes one step deeper with "In Search of Our Lady of Insects" as she describes how she is rooting herself in Gaia's rhythms through interaction with the insect world as she grows an organic farm in the heart of New Mexico.

Gardening is also the center of Ella Andrew's "A Good Harvest" — but in this case, the bounty the author discovers as she accepts the darkness of a Seattle winter is the healing of her own woman's soul after years of overwork and stress. Tchipakken's “Honor Your Own Wheel: Celebrating Local Holidays” exhorts us to trust to the Wheel of our own home territory and to recognize and rejoice in what the seasons look like in precisely the place we live. In a new feature, we are interviewing leading figures in the Goddess community, and in this issue we feature author, herbalist and Hoodoo priestess Stephanie Rose Bird, whose most recent book "A Healing Grove" is about to be published.

Finally, our lore-mistress Diana Paxson reveals the mysteries the ultimate Earth Goddess — Gaia — while our regular columnists (including Z Budapest, Susun Weed, DeAnna Alba, Barbara Ardinger and many more) offer their own unique voices to this rich and rewarding issue of SageWoman.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released in June 2009.

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