SageWoman #74
The Queen


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SageWoman #74 - The Queen

Who is the Queen and why should we care? Many women believe that the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) is no longer an adequate archetype for post-modern reality, and propose adding a fourth face -- that of the Queen -- reflecting the reality of women who have moved beyond childbearing age but are not yet Crones. This issue examines the idea of the Goddess as Queen and how She might fit into our lives. We begin with Barbara Ardinger's clarion call to action "Why We Need to Claim the Queen". Lisa Sarasohn exhorts us to use this archetype to "Claim Your Center of Power" while Mama Donna Henes teaches us ceremonies to "Crown Yourself Queen." Finally, Donna Philp reflects on how the Queen affects her life in "Queen for a Day." Finally, Diana Paxson examines the under-appreciated, but majestic, powerful, and transformative Queen of Olympus, the Greek goddess Hera.

Our columnists, too, are pondering the meaning of this new archetype: Kiva Rosa reframes the Queen as the Medicine Woman; Valzora Spriggs prefers to think of herself as a young Crone; and Elizabeth Cunningham thinks of her as the Priestess. We also review books on middle age, menopause and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and the "Is SageWoman spineless?" controversy continues to boil in the Rattle.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released in May 2008.

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