SageWoman #93
Claiming Our Power


SageWoman #93 - Sovereignty: Claiming Our Power.

In this issue of SageWoman, we peer deeply -- into our own souls, into the wisdom of our ancestors, and into the cracks and roots of our own wounded societies -- to discover what it means for us to be whole, to be healed, and to be empowered.

In this Issue

“My Journey with Inanna”
(article by Carolyn Lee Boyd, artwork by Laura Tempest Zakroff)
What if the Underworld is a temple that we can visit while living to gain the power to become fully human?

“A World of Magic: the Sacred Practice of Gathering"
(article by Gloria Wilson, artwork by Sophie Page).
Every gathering trip is a time to experience a deeper awareness of our marvelous existence on our Mother Earth.

"Illuminating the Sacred Spiral: Voices from an Ancestral Priestess Path"
(article by Sithearain NicLeoid, artwork by Martha Linden).
Somewhere in our heart’s remembrance, we see a cloaked figure floating across the sacred waters and remember that once we were priestesses.

“Time for Myself”
(article  by Tina Riddle Deason, artwork by Tara Reynolds).
I am at a time in my life where it really is about me, yet I dread it when I have to tell someone what I want.

“Reborn into Power”
(article by Lisette , artwork by Claudia Olivos)
The morning before my visit to the doctor, I watched the strong sunlight play on the rain-damp leaves of the trees below us in the courtyard.

"A Visit with Jhenah Telyndru: The Many Paths of the Priestess"
(interview by Johanna van der Hoeven).
Join us as we discuss sovereignty, women's empowerment, and the nature of being a priestess with the Founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon.

"Ladies of the Land: The Many Goddesses of America"
(article by Diana Paxson, artwork by Caitlyn Harris).
Discover the goddesses -- Columbia, Guadalupe, and Lady Liberty -- who uphold, challenge, and embody the ideals (and land) of America.

Wisdom from our columnists Susun Weed, Alison Leigh Lilly, Janet Callahan, Lizann Bassham, Anne Hill, Danielle Blackwood, Crystal Blanton, Nancy Vedder-Shults, Leslie J. Linder, and Rebecca Bailey. Plus reviews, and letters from readers on their own experience of Sovereignty in "The Rattle."

88 pages, June 2018.

Table of contents in PDF format.

Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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