SageWoman #91
Worlds of Faerie


SageWoman #91 - Worlds of Faerie.

For millennia, we humans have experienced meetings with Beings whose existence overlapped only lightly with our own realm. These visitors bring chaos, whimsy, and undiluted emotion — ranging from joy to terror — swirling in their wake. They act in ways that we humans would simply never think of: just similar enough to us that we can interact with them, but twisted just slightly. Many call these beings "Faeries" and this issue is dedicated to our relationships with their ethereal and enigmatic beings.

We begin with Mary Petiet’s grandmother's encounter with the Fae changed her life forever. Find out how in “Away with the Fairies."

Sad and lonely after a devastating breakup, Jennifer Langsdale was at the end of her rope when one special Fae lifted her up and pointed her in a new direction. Read her uplifting tale in "A Match Made in Faerie." Downcast by the bullying of her child over the family’s Pagan faith, Winterswan received a special visitation that brought her hope. Find out more in her story, “Butterfly Wings."

The uncanny sounds of the island of Iona, off the northern coast of Scotland, introduced Suzanne d’Corsey to a world of harmony and spirituality she had never before imagined. She shares her tale in "Pursued by Music: A True Story of the Great Fairy Mound of Iona.”

Celtic scholar and druid-priestess Síthearan NicLeòid unfolds the many ways in which Faerie weaves through Irish lore and myth in her essay “The Gifts of Annwyn” while loremistress Diana Paxson introduces us to the Fae that inspired Tolkien in “Elves: Fairy Folk of the Northern Lands."

Our columnists offer their wisdom in this special issue as well. Susun Weed describes her experience with Faerie Medicine; Allison Leigh Lilly reflects on art in a time of strife; and Lizann Bassham describes the connections between the worlds of the Fae and the voice of our ancestors. Anne Hill lends her wisdom on the subject of dreaming between the worlds; Crystal Blanton finds security in solitude; Leslie Linder introduces us to the magic of the unicorn; and Rebecca Bailey points out that Faeries don't use cell phones.

Do you wonder how we can find magic in everyday life? Sit in on Amanda Lonsdorf’s conversation on this very subject with British author of The Hedgewitch Book of Days, Mandy Mitchell. Plus Goddess-loving poetry, stories from our readers in the Rattle; and reviews of books we love. We end with a wee story of a trip to the fabled land of the fairies in Ireland by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.

Are the Worlds of Faerie calling to you? Enjoy this special spring issue, and perhaps you, too, will smell the sweet perfume of their apple tree blossoms wafting on the gentle breezes of May. 88 pages, published in April of 2018.

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