SageWoman #86
Renewal & Rebirth


SageWoman #86 - Renewal and Rebirth
Sharing our stories is one of our most empowering gifts. In this issue, we have gathered stories of renewal, recovery, and recovery that we hope will brings those qualities to you, our beloved readers.

At a time of great despair, conflict, and uncertainty, Holly Cedar received a vision. Find out what happened next in her story, "A Hull of Ripened Fruit." Hunter Liguore describes her experience of both doubt and faith in discerning how to listen for the still, small voice of the Goddess in "When She Speaks" while a grieving daughter receives a message from Spirit in a natural omen in Donna Sutherland's "From Eagle's Wing."

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Jen McConnell finds wisdom — and challenge — in "Walking a Spiral Path." Finding community in a yearly gathering, Jamie Martinez Wood shares her joyous journey of renewal and rebirth in "The Healing Cloak of Womanhood."

Sometimes, what we need for our own renewal is simply a place that is solely our own. Writer Clara Oropeza dedicates a tiny shed to her writing, and shares her experience in "At Hestia's Hearth." Deborah Baudin finds her own voice at last in her story, "Switching Tracks," while Freya Velander puts her terrifying dreams to rest when she travels to her ancestor’s homeland in "Safe in Freya's Arms."

Although most of these stories are gentle, this issue's goddess is anything but meek and mild. Diana Paxson examines the mythology, ritual, and presence of the often-terrifying Hindu goddess in "Kali Ma: Dancing in the Dark."

Our regular columnists bring their own healing voices to this issue: herbalist Susun Weed teaches us to welcome fairies; Alison Leigh Lilly describes her child-free life and how she midwives the lives of others; Janet Callahan describes how mothering her medically-fragile children requires her to be open to change in her family's lives.

When Donna Henes needed catharsis one summer a decade ago, she found herself on the beach in a Summer Solstice ritual to Yemaya, while Lizann Bassham spins a story of how encounters with rattlesnakes have informed her journey into Cronehood and Anne Hill offers a cautionary tale of how healing can bring unexpected (even traumatic) life changes.

Danielle Blackwood teaches how astrology illuminates our life passages; Crystal Blanton shares her path to justice; thealogian Nancy Vedder-Shults muses on how primal nature re-enchants our lives, Leslie Linder describes the ancient magic of honeybees; and our goddess-cook Teresa Marbut weaves a sweet river song with a recipe dedicated to Oshun.

Plus goddess-poetry, reviews of books, music, and oracle decks, and the wonderful voices of our readers in our "readers write" department, the Rattle. We end with a meditation on a healing move from the busy city to a remote country farmstead by Liz Bohm. What a lovely, healing, magical issue!

Published August 2014, 88 pages.

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