SageWoman #62


SageWoman #62 - Courage
Courage is an undervalued quality for women: we often think that this is more of a characteristic for men. Not so, write the women in this issue of SageWoman -- it's just that our form of courage isn't confined to athletics, warfare, or large-muscle endeavors.

Women's courage comes from the heart. Please join us as we discover "The Courage of Chickadees," follow a woman jogging at night in "Chasing the Moon," explore the spiritual warrior of Amazons in "Courage in the Shadows," and share in the stories of a circle of women in "Opening Our Hearts."

Explore "The Morrigan: Lady of Ravens" with Diana Paxson, discuss waging peace with Carol Christ, and create a harvest feast with Waverly Fitzgerald. Plus rituals for facing your fears, honoring Sekhmet, Autumn Euqinox with the ancestors, and much more.

This issue is richly illustrated by Janice Leotti, Sudie Rakusin, Rowan Kimsey, Kim Saul, Suzanne Gardner, Wahaba Heartsun and Lisa Cowden. Published in Summer 2003, editor Anne Newkirk Niven, 96 illustrated pages.

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