SageWoman #59 (original)
The Sea


SageWoman #59 - The Sea.
If you are, like so many of us, infatuated with the Ocean, with Her salt-scented air and wild, passionate, and untamed moods, then this, my sister, is your issue. As women, Her salty, ever-moving tides seem to connect with our own moods, tides, and souls, but that dance is neither simple nor safe. As Anne Niven writes in her opening editorial, "If there is one thing that the Ocean takes away (although She gives a great deal, including life itself) it is our illusion of control."

Grasping the ambiguity, the beauty, and the challenge of relating to the Great Watery Deep is the undercurrent of the articles in this issue. We begin our journey with Elizabeth Kelly, who describes her yearly pilgrimages to Jekyll Island, Georgia, in "Going to the Edge." Next we visit the great inland seas of North America with Melissa Sinclair in "Mother Huron's Daughter," and experience a vision quest in the Florida Everglades in Sage's "Gifts of Sea and Spirit."

If you love the lore, legend, and mystery of mermaids, you'll be delighted with two beautiful stories about these enchantresses of the sea, Carolyn Boyd's "The Way of Water: Swimming with Mama Mer" and Elizabeth Webster Shillington's "Rendevous with Thalassa." Or if you prefer marine mammals with blow-holes, check out Marcia's elegant invocation of her encounter with wild dolphins, "Angels of the Sea."

If you are looking for the Goddess of the Sea, look no further; this issue highlights both the Mama of all, in Diana Paxson's article "Seeking Sea Mother" and the Afro-Caribbean Lady of Salt Water in "Yemaya: Queen Mother of the Sea" by Leni Austine.

Our columns cover sweet bakery goods (including apology cake, solo fudge, Mississippi Mud Cake and Lavender shortbread); healing properties of invasive species (by Susun Weed), remedies for respiratory ailments, a ritual for releasing bad memories, the watery sign of Aquarius, goddess thealogy of the Sea (Carol Christ), cleansing herbal washes and revitalizing sprays (Stephanie Rose Bird), and ideas for remembering the ancestors and Samhain rituals (Waverly Fitzgerald.)

We also feature over a dozen short sea-tinted stories from SageWoman readers in "Seascapes and Soundings," a double handful of Yemaya rituals and invocations in "A Circle is Cast," a lively Rattle, reviews of seven unique Tarot/divination decks, poetry, and absolutely outstanding illustrations (one of our best artwork issues in a decade) adorns this issue from the Autumn of 2002. 96 juicy, watery, oceanic pages sure to wash you into the embrace of the Goddess.

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