SageWoman #24 (reprint)
Solitary Spirituality


SageWoman #24 - Solitary Spirituality

In direct contrast to the issue that proceeded it, this, SageWoman's first of two issues specifically on solitary magic and practice, was intensely personal. It begins with Anne Newkirk Niven's story of how she met the Goddess, and continues in a series of deep examinations of women's personal spiritual journeys.

Includes "Living the Lifeweb: Creating and Sustaining Spiritual Connections", "Solitary and Happy", "Alone on the Mountain", "In the Company of Ravens: a solitary prayer fast", spells, rituals and celebrations for the month of December by Z. Budapest, and the first of Diana Paxson's lore-rich columns (a SageWoman tradition for over a decade now) this one on "Heide: Witch Goddess of the North." If you, or someone you love, is a solitary Goddess worshipper or witch, don't miss this issue!

68 illustrated pages, published by Anne Newkirk Niven and edited by Mary Barker in winter of 1993, this is one of SageWoman's best-selling issues.

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