Witches&Pagans #40
Paranormal Paganism


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Witches&Pagans #40 – Paranormal Paganism

Focus on Psychic Gifts, Ancestors, and Ghosts
Are Witches Psychic? An Ancestral Witch on Folk Magic,Witchcraft, and Walking in the Old Ways. Join Phaedra Bonewits in a conversation with witch, author, and psychic Cat Gina Cole.

The Ghosts We Live With: Paranormalism and Modern Pagan Practice.
Lucinda Bennett explores how we can create relationships with the dead.
With original artwork by Natalia Bystrianyk.

See Yourself in Everything: Psychic Skills for Beginners.Psychic, author, and teacher Shannon Yrizarry describes how anyone can learn psychic skills. Original art by Melissa Pandina. PLUS 7 Tips for New Ghost Hunters by Heddy Johannesen.

People, Place, and Practice Fallow Time: The Ebb and Flow of Personal Magic.DeAnn Bell teaches us to read our own magical cycles. Original art by Melissa Pandina.

Mam Tor: Forgotten Land of the Grail Goddess.Seren Bertrand is our guide to ancient sites and lore of Northern England.

Do You Hear What I Hear? The True Story of Hugin Raven. Wildlife rehabilitator Angela Luna Grano shares what she learned in her relationship with a very special raven. Original artwork by Aurora May.

Under a Waxing Moon. Join Deręka Bennett in discovering the secret
life of a famous Northern California magick store: Ancient Ways.

Group Therapy: Creating Community through Divination. Eileen Troemel shares how doing tarot readings in a group can build trust. Original art by Kathy Crabbe.

In Every Issue: Wisdom from our Regular Columnists
  • Christopher Penczak: The Three Wyrd Sisters.
  • Archer: Sex and the Sacred.
  • Hecate Demetersdatter: 8 Sabbats for Political Witches
  • Jamie Della: Cannabis: Healing with calendula and comphrey.
  • Diotima Mantineia: Psychic gifts of your Moon signs.
  • Ivo Domínguez, Jr.: What do witches think of ghosts?
  • Mat Auryn: Meditation — a tool for psychic awareness.
  • Stephanie Rose Bird: Hant or No Hant? Hoodoo and the Paranormal.
  • Sara Amis: The paranormal? Business as usual in the American South.
  • Erin Lale: 7 Days of Heathen Rituals.
  • Deborah Blake: Talking to the Dead
88 pages, to be published in September 2023.

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