Crone #4


Crone #4 - Metamorphosis

Merriam-Webster defines a metamorphosis as “a striking developmental change especially occurring subsequent to birth or hatching.” That describes the process many of us have been going through as the entire world seems to be in the grip of uncertainty and change.

Whether facing chronic illness, a catastrophic fire, or the loss of a beloved spouse, the courageous women featured in this issue have used the heat of chaotic forces to fire their hearts and souls to even greater beauty. I found their examples both inspiring and heartening; truly these women, embody the Crone in all Her wisdom and power. A few highlights of this issue include:
• Crisis to Chrysalis.
Marianna Hartsong went to town for a concert and returned to find her home had burned to the ground; she shares how losing everything transformed her life in "Heart Cracked Open: My Trial by Fire."

• To Thine Own Self Be True.
Brenda Marroy struggles with ageism ­ and wins in “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Wrinkles” while lifecoach Lady Willow finds healing by putting her needs first in “Not Just a Pain in the Neck.”

• Finding Our Strength.
Mary Kate Jordan’s stunning photo essay “The Tribe of Old Women” connects eldering women with the rooted majesty of the Ring of Brodgar on the Orkney Islands, and challenges us to lives of passion and strength.

• Initiation, Adventure, and Remembrance.
Challenges faced and overcome by Crone readers in both Hell’s Canyon and the Grand Canyon; answers to questions of how to heal after the death of a spouse; a midlife initiation and the descent of Inanna; a robust coven of crones; a maiden remembers her immigrant grandmother and much more.
Crone is created especially for midlife and eldering women but the stories in this issue hold inspiration for everyone, especially if you are facing unprecedented personal changes and challenges that call for radically new ways of being.

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