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Crone #5 - Generations

The theme of making connections permeates this issue of Crone, stitching together seemingly disparate tales stretching from the volcanic shores of Sicily to the red rocks of Arizona to the glacial beaches of Lake Huron into a seamless whole.

Connecting the generations is part of the mission of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Since 2004, this dedicated group of native elders has prayerfully brought forward the causes of peace, harmony, and sustainability. Learn their story in “Visions of Peace,” a twelve-page photo essay by “Crone Action” department head Win Fiandaca, and be sure to check out biographies of all the grandmothers at .

Artist and self-described “grandmother in hiking boots” Lori Taylor shares her life-long obsession and rock-collecting with us in “Grandmother Rocks.” Midwife Debra J. Rigas looked forward to the birth of her first grandchild, but found the job of balancing her professional judgment with the need to honor her daughter’s journey more challenging than she expected. Discover the rest of her story in “Becoming Yiayia.”

Sandra Ducey thought her “endless” childcare duties had ended when her children were grown, but now, she’s back in the game. Find out how a grove of red oaks, a circling vulture, and her granddaughter are all connected in “I Fly from the North.”

Activist and writer Pat Hansen also cherishes the connections between generations, but like millions of eldering women, find her ability to be with her own grandchildren limited. In “Invisible Grandparenting” she demonstrates ways to make heart connections in spite of such circumstances.

The hidden meanings of one particularly difficult relationship — between the youngest and eldest of women (Snow White and the Evil Queen, anyone?) — are explored by ritualist and author Jane Meredith’s probing essay, “Squaring the Circle: Reconnecting the Maiden & Crone.”

Connections also spread wider than family circles. For more than five years, philosopher and activist Marian Van Eyk McCain has been writing about her practice of in-depth, low-tech, elder-friendly journeying. Last spring, Marian spent a month discovering Sicily on foot and by train, and shares journey “Crone Adventure: Slow Boat to Sicily.”

There’s still more tales of wisdom passed down from relatives, friends and mentors; a quartet of poems and an essay on the discipline of writing poetry; and a visit with a circle of barefoot Crone sisters. Our intrepid columnists share their adventures with bees, extraterrestrials, a genetic lottery, and the goddess Inanna, while our readers share both reviews and letters.

Last, but hardly least, we have the honor of presenting an in-depth interview with visionary astrologer, editor, and publisher Ann Kreilkamp. Ann shares the untold story of her ground-breaking magazine Crone Chronicles (the grandmother of Crone ) as well as bringing us up to date with her current passions.

128 ad-free pages sure to inspire and enlighten all of us fill this issue of Crone, which published in August, 2012.

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