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If you have a desktop or laptop computer, pad, tablet or reader you can purchase issues of our magazines in PDF-eZine format and view them with any PDF-compatible viewer. These issues have the same layout and content as our print editions and can be downloaded to a device of your choice.

Our PDF-eZines can be purchased one at a time for instant download or you can subscribe and get the instant download of the current issue and receive a personal access code that enables you to download future issues of your subscription as they are published. The file size of each issue ranges from 6MB to 16MB, and downloads can take from less than a minute with a fast connection, to 30 minutes or more with dialup.

We recommend using our "Sample PDF-eZine TOC" files to see how this format works on your favorite devices. The sample files contain only the cover and the table-of-contents pages but otherwise are in our standard PDF-eZine format. View these directly or download and transfer the sample files to your device to become familiar with how this format works.

Devices known to work with our PDF-eZine format include:
Personal Computers including Laptops and Netbooks
- Any Windows, Mac or Linux personal computer running the standard GUI and with the free Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer installed.

Pads or Tablets
- Apple iPads and Android tablets and pads work well with our PDF-eZine format provided you have a PDF viewer installed. The iPad's pre-installed reader works fine, although our built-in bookmarks and web links from the articles don't work. Viewing of double page spreads may be limited to one page at a time by the screen resolution.

The Kindle
- There are a number of ways to view PDF-based materials on the various Kindle models; although some involve a transfer or conversion fee from Amazon. All Kindle models, except the first Kindle, have a built-in PDF reader and can display our PDF-eZine format without losing the original formating. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle (when connected via USB). You can also magnify PDFs by viewing them in landscape mode. Some features are not currently supported, including annotations and Text-to-Speech.

Smart Phones
- Android smartphones and iPhones with PDF viewers installed can display our PDf-eZine format with the noted limits similar to pads, but the small screen size requires lots of zooming and scrolling. Phones should not be considered as the primary reading device.
Our readers have let us know the that the Literati reader works too.

If you have a reader that is not listed and works with our digital editions, let us know and we'll post it here.

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