Digital Subscriber Downloads

Your personal Sub-Code can be found on the my account information page, below your telephone number.

Please have your personal sub-code, log-in email, and password available to activate and download your digital issue.

  1. Add the latest digital issue of your e-subscription from the current issue page to your shopping cart.

  2. Then click on the dark grey "go to checkout" button below cart contents.

  3. You will be asked to "Please Sign In" before continuing (skip this step if you already logged in).

  4. On checkout page “Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information” enter your subscription code (format example "c99999-A999A”) in the Discount Coupon redemption box. Type your code by hand (or use ctrl-c to copy, and ctrl-v to paste.) If using a mouse to copy and paste, press any arrow key after pasting.

  5. Finish checking out to complete the activation (purchase) then click the download button and save the issue to a known location on your device.

This above instructions describe how to active and download a new digital issue for the first time. Optionally if you want to download the same issue to a different device, login to our store and click "My Account" and view your last order. You will then see up to three remaining downloads which you can save to your other reader devices. These are available for 370 days after activation. For help on this process see our FAQ "Downloading from My Account."

Let us know by sending a note from our contact page if you have any difficulties in the download process.

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