Paper-By-Mail Editions

Single copies of Crone, SageWoman, Witches&Pagans, and our other titles are available as either a classic paper magazine sent by postal mail, or as a digital PDF-eZine download that is compatible with most computers and reader devices.

This section shows only magazines that are available as a traditional print-on-paper magazine. After we receive your order, we will send your magazines by postal mail to your prefered address. Issues will arrive in plain envelopes or boxes.

Monthly Specials For December

SageWoman #59 (original) The Sea (paper)
SageWoman #59 (original)
The Sea

$7.95  $4.68
Save: 41% off
SageWoman #62 Courage (paper)
SageWoman #62

$7.95  $4.95
Save: 38% off
SageWoman #11 (reprint) Triple Goddess
SageWoman #11 (reprint)
Triple Goddess

$8.95  $7.45
Save: 17% off

PanGaia #38 Ancient Paganism (paper)
PanGaia #38
Ancient Paganism

$9.95  $7.95
Save: 20% off
Witches&Pagans #37 Plant Allies (paper)
Witches&Pagans #37
Plant Allies

$10.95  $8.95
Save: 18% off

PanGaia #14 Samhain to Yule (reprint)
PanGaia #14
Samhain to Yule

$9.95  $7.98
Save: 20% off
PanGaia #26 Yuletide Lore (paper)
PanGaia #26
Yuletide Lore

$9.95  $7.95
Save: 20% off
newWitch #11 Candle Magic (paper)
newWitch #11
Candle Magic

$6.95  $4.95
Save: 29% off

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