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Our PAPERLESS Digital Edition (eZine) is a PDF file that can be delivered anywhere in the world; it is published simultaneously with the print version. The eZine version has the same text and photos as the printed magazine and can be read on-screen or printed from your computer.

International eZine subscribers save the expense of international postage and get their issues faster.

After payment has been confirmed, as an ezine subscriber you will be able to download the current issue directly from this website. A coupon, provided to you by email will enable downloads of future issues as they are published.

All ezine subscribers MUST have a working email address AND a customer account on the BBI shopping cart site in order to receive their issues. Ezines are PAPERLESS and no paper copy will be sent to you.

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Digital-PDF Download Subscription! Witches&Pagans -Earthwise Spirituality for Today. Witches&Pagans brings you the people, places, and practice of the contemporary Pagan movement like no other magazine. Interviews with Pagan leaders,...


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Digital-PDF Download Subscription! Our PDF-eZines can be delivered anywhere in the world and read on readers, pads, tablets, laptops or desktop computers that can display an Acrobat pdf file. Published quarterly (every 3-months) eZine...


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