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Explore Paganism more deeply with PanGaia! In-depth articles by scholars, theologians, Witches, Druids, Gaians and leaders of the Pagan community cover a wide range of topics to enrich our understanding of ancient and modern Pagan paths. Each issue centers on a particular theme such as "Pagans and the Land" or "Celtic Paganism", supplemented by Pagan fiction, poetry, reviews, Toe-to-Toe (our forum for controversy and opinion) and our regular columnists including R. J. Stewart, Kevin Filan, Joanna Powell Colbert and many more. Each issue has 80 illustrated pages and a 4-color cover.

Starting with issue #50, PanGaia magazine merged with newWitch magazine to become Witches&Pagans.

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PanGaia #26 Yuletide Lore (download)

PanGaia #26
Yuletide Lore

Digital-PDF Instant Download! PanGaia #26 - Yuletide Lore Why should the Christians (and secular culture) have all the fun at the holidays? Discover the Pagan roots of the Winter Solstice holidays in this special issue. Look beneath the...


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