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Join the more than 20,000 women who welcome SageWoman into their homes each season!

Focusing exclusively on the spiritual experience of women, each issue revolves around a central theme such as "Grounding and Centering," "Solitary Spirituality," or "The Wheel of the Year." The leading magazine of the Goddess/women's spirituality movement, SageWoman has been in continous publication since 1986 and we are still going strong!

Profusely illustrated, each current issue is 96 pages plus a color cover.

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SageWoman is available in either a traditional paper copy sent by postal mail or as a digital PDF-eZine download that is compatible with most computers and readers. Please select your preferred magazine format below.

PDF-eZines are downloaded privately to a PDF capable device of your choice.

Classic Paper copies are printed and mailed to you in plain envelopes.

Monthly Specials For November

SageWoman #64 Prayer & Invocation (paper)
SageWoman #64
Prayer & Invocation

$10.95  $8.95
Save: 18% off
SageWoman #6 (reprint) Power
SageWoman #6 (reprint)

$7.95  $6.95
Save: 13% off

SageWoman #94 Wisdom of Water (reprint)
SageWoman #94
Wisdom of Water

$10.95  $6.95
Save: 37% off

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