Crone Chronicles

Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, which began with that spontaneous photocopied letter, was in its 11th year of publication in 2001 and had an 80-page quarterly with a full-color cover, as well as a national and international circulation of approximately 15,000.

For the last five or six years of its publication, Crone Chronicles received press attention from at least a dozen big city dailies, including the Chicago Times, the London Sunday Times, the Seattle Times, and the San Diego Union. In 1998, The Toronto Globe & Mail said that Crone Chronicles "is doing for crones what Ms Magazine did for an earlier generation of feminists."

In 1998 Crone Chronicles was nominated for an Utne Reader annual award in the category of "Personal Life Stories." In February 1999, Crone, Croning Ceremonies, and Crone Chronicles were featured on a four-minute segment of Good Morning America.

Crone magazine, launched at Winter Solstice 2008, is the successor to Crone Chronicles: a Journal of Conscious Aging, and subscriptions are available here at the BBI Media webstore.

Crone Chronicles #17(original) Relationships

Crone Chronicles #17(original)

Relationships and the Crone This issue focuses on relationships — mostly between people, but sometimes with different aspects of ourselves. We begin with “The Croning of Melody Lenker” the story of how one woman came to grips with her own...


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Crone Chronicles #16(original) Crone and Her Shadow

Crone Chronicles #16(original)
Crone and Her Shadow

Crone and Her Shadow This classic early edition reveals the nascent Crone consciousness rising to the surface. Brief, but potent articles on fighting the "youth culture," ("Ageism in America"), the utter lack of role models for womanhood...


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Crone Chronicles #15(original) Death & Rebirth

Crone Chronicles #15(original)
Death & Rebirth

Crone Chronicles #15 - Death & Rebirth This issue may have an imposing title, but the stories collected by editor Ann Kreilkamp are inspiring and celebratory, not morbid. We begin with a true milestone: a call for Crones to gather in Salt...


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Crone Chronicles #14(original) Women & Animals

Crone Chronicles #14(original)
Women & Animals

Women & Animals "Here in my tiny yurt in Kelly, Wyoming (pop. 200), I warm myself in front of the fire. Outside, it is twenty below. Coyotes howl, their wild calls piece the frozen night air. The dancing stars illuminate the Tetons. I sit...


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Crone Chronicles #13(original)

Crone Chronicles #13(original)

No theme Growing Up Pagan Interview with jeweler Ingrid Weber, whose roots are German Gypsy. Further Reflections on the Archetypes Aneeta Schrober's impressions of Maiden, Mother, Goddess and Crone, and the qualities paired female...


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