July 2015
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In this issue of Crone, our community of eldering women share their experiences of friendship, companionship, and the journey we all embark upon as we mature.

In “Supporting Sunny” Marian Karpisek describes the work of five San Diego crones in supporting their dear friend who is undergoing the heartbreaking changes of experiencing Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Sound depressing? Definitely. But you’ll be amazed at the warmth and beauty of this story of extraordinary friendship.

Equally moving is Cherise Wyneken tale of a half-century of connection with her best friend in “My Friendship with Charlotte.” 90-year-old writer Dodie Meeks is up next, describing the scintillating group of Houston-area women who gather for lunch in “First Friday Friendships.”

Not all companions are human, however. Susan Harper introduces us to her animal teacher in “My Bunnysatva,” while Lee Pelham Cotton explores the quirky world of collectibles in “Who Loves Foo?”

Elsewhere in this issue:

-- Crone Adventure takes us to discoveries in Turkey in “My Anatolian Adventure;”

-- two friends ignite their creative visions of making a nature-based tarot deck in “Adventures of the Crafty Crones,”

and a post-menopausal women rejoices in being “Free at Last.”

Our columnists add their stories of friendships past, present, and future to the tapestry. Woven throughout this issue are a selection of poems both poignant and wise, letters from our readers, and reviews of books we have enjoyed; together they bring this issue to a satisfying close.

May these stories of friendship bring the warmth of the fire to your hearth.

Crone is a 128-page, advertising free, perfect-bound premium book, and is not available in stores. Pre-order now at a special price, or subscribe today and start with Crone #8.
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Law Vs. Chaos  Witches&Pagans #23 
“Law Vs. Chaos”
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