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"The Magic of Trees" mails on Sept. 22

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SageWoman #90

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Our new fall issue of SageWoman is on-press and will be mailing on Sept 22.

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Coming Soon: "Tarot & Divination"
Watch for your October e-newsletter for news on our upcoming fall issue of Witches&Pagans "Tarot & Divination."
Featured Classic Paper Issue

Naming OurselvesSeason of the Witch
PanGaia #21.
Only $7.95. Save 20%.

This best-selling issue takes on so many of contemporary Paganisms biggest questions with grit and grace; everything from the Burning Times to the ethics of hexing. Lots to chew on for any modern Pagan, Heathen, Witch or polytheist!

The central article "The Great European Witch Hunt" boldly asserts, "What if everything you knew about the Burning Times turned out to be wrong?" Historian Jenny Gibbons brings the revolutionary historical study of the Witch hunts to bear on a time of horror and persecution, and discovers that all is not as popular Pagan myth would have it. I consider this singularly well-written article to be one of the best we have ever published.

The rest of the issue is just as juicy and surprising: "A Halloween Story" is a true-life tale of modern religious discrimination (spoiler alert: the Pagan wins!); reflections of a Peace Corps Pagan in Africa; a spirited defense of Hades (usually the patriarchal villain in the story of Demeter and Persephone); a Samhain-worthy retelling of the spooky Irish legend of Fionn and the Sidhe; and Diana Paxson's in-depth visit with the ancient sibyls of the Bay of Naples. Plus meditations on Autumn Equinox by Pauline Campanelli; a visit to the Goddess shrines of Crete with Vicki Noble; the mysterious jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon; a lively debate on the ethics of hexing; and an interview with Fellowship of Isis founder Olivia Robertson.

80 pages, first published in September, 1999.

Available only in on sale paper editions.

Featured Classic Digital Issue

Magickal LivingConnecting to Gaia
SageWoman #79.
Only $5.95. Save 14%.

"Connecting to Gaia" is the theme of this issue celebrating the many ways in which we can root ourselves in the heart of the Mother.

Green witch and herbalist Sue Sierralupe's "The School of the Goddess: Learning to Listen to Gaia" shares the ways in which she turns into the subtle voice of Gaia when diagnosing and treating her clients, while in "Pino Trail" Rhonda Rhett finds solace amidst family turmoil while running in the arid landscape of New Mexico's Sandia Mountains.

Finding Our Lady of Green Things in a seemingly hostile environment is also the subject of Lilith Three Feather's essay "Colors of Life: My Desert Garden," while Serra Swift looks backward in "Who's Your Mama? Ancient Roots of Goddess Worship." Another surprising revelation is the Goddess in the working class crones of Serbia shared in Alanna Marohnic's rememberance "Old Baka: An Earth Goddess for the Rest of Us." Finally, a spine-tingling true story of the infamous Pendle Witches of Lancashire, England is shared by novelist Marieke Sharrat in "Mother Demdike: Ancestor of My Heart."

Our columns begin with Diana Paxson's in-depth invocation of the Germanic Lady of Life, "Nerthus: Strength of the Earth." We also feature Luisah Teish's ritual for connecting with our ancestors; DeAnna Alba's ritual to connect with Gaia; Z Budapest's surprising meeting with the spirit of Susan B. Anthony; Valzora Spriggs ritual for cleansing ourselves (and by magical connection, the Gulf Coast post-BP spill).

Also included in this issue are essays on labyrinth-walking, predator-love, embracing our sensual natures, and Susun Weed on the magic of mint. We also share the first column of Anne Hill, best known in Pagan circles for co-authoring (with Starhawk) the classic Pagan family book Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions. Her new column, "The Weave of Our Lives" focuses on dreamworking as a path of Goddess awareness and debuts in this issue. Plus (of course!) the Rattle, lots of yummy reviews, poetry, an extra-large helping of gorgeous artwork (including several original drawings by cover artist Holly Sierra) and so much more! A cornucopia of Goddess delights.

96 illustrated pages, published in September, 2010.

Available in both paper and on sale digital editions.

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A Witches' Halloween


“A Witches' Halloween”
newWitch #1 
$7.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 20%

Death, Transformation & Rebirth


“Death, Transformation & Rebirth”
SageWoman #31 
$7.95 Paper Edition
(original) Save 20%



SageWoman #4
$6.95 Paper Edition
(original) Save 22%

Law Vs. Chaos


“Law Vs. Chaos”
Witches&Pagans #23 
$5.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save $2.00

Good vs. Evil


“Good vs. Evil”
PanGaia #37 
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 17%

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