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Creating Ritual Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pace of change and anxious in the chaos that surrounds us? Dip into the soothing, deep wisdom of our SageWoman columnists in this empowering issue. A selection of our upcoming columns includes:

Diana Paxson on Persephone: She Who Puts Change in Motion:
What can we answer when we face Persephone? Persephone travels from the living world to the kingdom of death and back again. In a time in which we face so many changes, what can we learn from Her?

Herbalist Susun Weed on Lifestyle Change:
Most of us don’t like change in the details of our lives; and to the extent that we believe we are required to change in order to be healthy, we ignore Lifestyle Medicine. So I say: “Don’t change a thing. Keep on living just as you are, and add on healthy habits.”

Dream Therapist Ann Hill on Shamanic Dreaming:
Dreams are our greatest allies for change. Dreams are stories that interweave with our waking life, in ways that are both obvious and mysterious. In this column, I offer a blueprint for finding direction from our dreams in times of change.

Astrologer Danielle Blackwood on the Initiation of Change:
We intuitively know we cannot go back once we have crossed the threshold. We are in liminal space: neither here nor there. We are not quite who we used to be, but not yet who we are becoming.

Wiccan Priestess and Social Worker Crystal Blanton on Fear & Change:
Re-framing how I use my power to cope with the changing landscape of life must be my focus. I have been spending a lot of time connecting with my inner strength, focusing on my own needs, being selective in how I engage with toxic people, feeding my spirit, and honoring my Gods.

Plus features on healing from loss & grief; a journey to the Amazon and an encounter with Ayahausca; a visit to a Celtic power place; and articles on creating transformational magic. Plus poetry, reviews, letters from readers and much more. 88 pages. Order now at a special pre-sale price!

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

A Witches’ HalloweenA Witches' Halloween
newWitch #1.
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A Real Witches’ Halloween · Debunking Samhain Myths · Day of the Dead · Honoring Our Living Ancestors · Animal Memorial Ceremonies · Coming Out as Pagan · Workplace Wicca 101 · Understanding Islam · Crystal Balls for Beginners · Make Your Own Love Altar · Beginner’s Guide to Moon Magic · Magical Tools in Your Kitchen · Creating a Personal Shrine · Magical Symbols in the Subway · Witchcraft on Buffy · Goth Music for Witches · Pagan Samhain Fiction. 80 illustrated pages, published in fall 2002.

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Featured Classic Digital Issue

The SeaThe Sea
SageWoman #59.
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If you are, like so many of us, infatuated with the Ocean, with Her salt-scented air and wild, passionate, and untamed moods, then this, my sister, is your issue. Her salty, ever-moving tides seem to connect with our own moods, tides, and souls, but that dance is neither simple nor safe.  "If there is one thing that the Ocean takes away (although She gives a great deal, including life itself) it is our illusion of control."

Grasping the ambiguity, the beauty, and the challenge of relating to the Great Watery Deep is the undercurrent of the articles in this issue.

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