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Polytheism: Many Gods, Many PathsPolytheism:
Many Gods, Many Paths

Witches&Pagans #32
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Our new summer issue of Witches and Pagans is now available for preorder.

In this special edition of Witches&Pagans, we take an in-depth look at the theology and practice of modern polytheism -- one of the fastest growing movements in the modern Pagan movement.

Niki Whiting starts us off with "Rooted in the Gods: A Brief Guide to Modern Polytheisms" by outlining the  theological styles of polytheism, as well as the modes of practice (devotional, reconstructionist, relational) common in these many communities. (Look for her sidebar "Who's Who

Silence Maestras offers us a more personal look in her essay "The Living Heart of Polytheism" which examines a key part of modern polytheisms: the relationship between a devotee and their chosen deity.

Philosophers Edward Butler and Gus DiZerga take a deeper look at what is a very thorny theological issue in modern polytheisms: the relationship (if any) between individual Gods and a Greater Divine unity. Butler looks to the Platonic philosophers for answers in "Polycentric Polytheism," while DiZerga takes inspiration from the organization of living beings and ecosystems in "Rethinking Individuality: Wicca, Polytheism, and the Biology of Emergence." We also feature an opinion piece on polytheism and devotion by Galina Krasskova, and a passionate defense of polytheism as a modern path by druid John Michael Greer.

Storyteller Gail Nyoka shines a light on the modern revival of Druidry in its native land in "The Druids Return to Anglesey: an Interview with Kristoffer Hughes."

After a massive illness changed her life forever, Virginia Carper found solace -- and a new sense of purpose -- by cultivating devotional relationships with the spirits of extinct species. Discover her journey in "That Which is Remembered, Lives: Establishing a Cultus for Extinct Animals."

Widespread popular attention has focused in popular culture on the culture and religion of the Northern gods. In "Heathen English," Ash Grimsbury argues that we’d be even closer to these deities if we used their native language: English.

Plus the magic of pilgrimage (Archer), spirits of place (Hecate Demetersdatter); cultural appropriation and Wicca (Deborah Blake); Drawing Down the Moon (Jason Mankey); the gods of astrology (Diotima Mantineia), the story of Aloe (Jamie Wood); Cakes for the Queen of Heaven (H Byron Ballard); and welcoming House Wights (Shirl Sazynski.) Plus Pagan poetry and a story about a Heathen priestess coming into her power "Gullveig Drowning by Jackson Eflin.

88 pages, scheduled to mail June, 2016.

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

Pagan Ritual"Pagan Ritual"
PanGaia #44.
On Sale in May, only $7.95.
Save $2.00.

We all need rituals. We need ways to mark the milestones of life, all the important changes that make up our journey. In this classic issue of PanGaia, we feature articles which delve into the rituals of Paganism, both ancient and contemporary.

Our cover story “Gifts to the Gods” investigates the topic of Pagan sacrifice in the ancient world while “Sun Dance” is a detailed look at this traditional Native American ceremony.

There’s also ideas for lovespells, instructions on building a outdoor altar, a ritual for a “dumb supper” (to commune with our beloved dead,) a detailed look at Canaanite traditions, an encounter with Pan, a discussion of teaching underage Pagans plus MUCH more.

Let our authors sweep you away to far-flung worlds and inspire you to re-invigorate your ritual practice. 80 pages, originally published in summer of 2006.

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Featured Classic Digital Issue

Celtic Spirituality"Celtic Spirituality"
PanGaia #42.
On Sale in May, only $4.95.
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Celtic-inspired spirituality is one of the most popular threads in contemporary Paganism, and in this issue we explore the special magic of this place-based mystical path. Among the many questions to be addressed include "What does it mean to be a Celt?" We addressed this very question to three Celtic-influenced Pagan authors -- Isaac Bonewits, R J Stewart, and Jhenah Telyndru -- in our cover interview.

Arch-Druid John Michael Greer and Donnacha Macodhagain both take on the tangled knot of "Celtic" spirituality from different perspectives, Greer arguing that Druidry is a modern Path that is not logically tied to a specific location and Macodhagain that non-Celts should look to the spirit of the land they inhabit instead of a mystical (and likely, mythical) Celtic homeland. Ecletic Pagan Burdock leads us on a journey to a Neolithic henge site in Wales, while Mara Freeman ponders the place of women and nature in the Celtic imagination.

In other articles, our readers discuss whether polyamory has a place in Pagan culture, the need for "faith-based" charities in our faith communities, and the sacred symbol of the spiral, plus there's short fiction "The Karma of Wasps" by Patricia Snodgrass, R.J. Stewart on the "fake" Celtic revival (he's against it); Christina Eisenberg on the magic of animism; Gaian tarotist Joanna Powell Colbert on the "High Priestess" card; Judy Harrow on the Shadow in magic; and Archer on modern Witch Hunts in Africa and beyond.

Plus continued debate (sparked by an earlier Toe to Toe article on the topic) about whether Pagans should have children or abstain from reproducing; reviews, Pagan poetry and much more.

80 pages, originally published in Fall of 2005.

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