July 2016
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See Anne Newkirk Niven in Person
at Many Gods West

Witches&Pagans/SageWoman editor Anne Newkirk Niven will be attending (and vending) at August's Many Gods West festival in Olympia, Washington on August 5-7. Hope to see you there!

Link to Many Gods West: http://www.manygodswest.com/

Featured Classic Paper Issue

Wicca for NewcomersWicca for Newcomers
newWitch #5.
Only $4.95. Save 29%.

Just starting out in Wicca and want to get connected? This issue features articles applicable to beginning seekers, but doesn't talk down to experienced practitioners.

Several features for college/young adult Pagans, too. Includes: "Find the Perfect Coven," "Understanding Eclectic Wicca," "Reduce Workplace Stress with Magic," "Start Your Own Online Coven," "Help! My Roomate’s a Muggle!", "Pagans on Campus," "Making Magic with Gargoyles," "7 Steps to Joining a Coven," "Sacred Places in Tiny Spaces," "Urban Wildcrafting," "The Astrology of Transits," "Dark Pagan Music," "Magick of My Little Ponies," Good Witch/Bad Witch on whether to Magick your rude neighbor, plus interviews with songstress Kristin Sweetland and Disinformation trickster Richard Metzger and much more.

80 pages, originally published in 2003.

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Featured Classic Digital Issue

Hearth & HomeHearth & Home
Crone #6.
Only $9.95. Save 17%.

This rich, in-depth, 128 page issue is jam-packed with stories on how we find our home. Here's a sneak peek at a few of the stories that appear in this upcoming issue.

Where Shall We Live? The Green House Alternative. A growing movement of nursing home alternatives, Green Houses® honor residents and staff while fostering physical and spiritual well-being. We also look at the co-housing movement as another humane alternative to women living alone.

Strong Crones Unite! Independent, and fiercely themselves, Barbara Ardinger and Grace Blindell share their perspectives in our two featured interviews. Barbara's latest book, Secret Lives, is an epic novel that explores the lives of a coven of crones and erupts with the power of truth-telling — and more than a little bit of old-fashioned magic. At 92, Grace Blindell still appreciates a life of exploration and adventure, as she shares tales of her exploits with us.

Finding Our Own Way Home. Sometimes the independence we crave after a lifetime of caring for others requires sacrifice. Both Deborah Gideon ("My Green Kin-dom") and Terry Watrous Berry ("Where the Heart Is") found new homes and passions by having the courage to make clean breaks with their past domiciles — and, to some extent, with their previous ways of thinking about themselves.

The Solace of the Desert. Even a short-term sojourn outside our usual environs can offer a fresh appreciation for the lives we have made; both Elizabeth Maginnis ("How I Came to Love the Desert") and Lizann Bassham ("As the Raven Flies") find serenity — in spite of their original negative impressions — in the severe beauty of the Mojave desert.

Crone Action: OLOC. If cronehood is the time to throw off the shackles of convention, then there's no better example than that offered by OLOC, a group that simultaneously shatters two conventional taboos by defiantly proclaiming themselves both "old" and "lesbian." Discover these feisty campaigners in this issue's "Crone Action" article.

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A Sample of Current Specials.

Issues #17-20


 Year Five (Issues #17-20) 
“The Blessed Bee”
$9.95 Paper Edition
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SageWoman #1 
$6.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 22%

Summer Magick


“Religious Freedom”
PanGaia #45 
$3.95 Paper Edition
(original) Save 43%

Element of Earth


Element of Earth
Witches&Pagans #28
$8.95 Paper Edition
(rare) Save $2.00



Crone Chronicles #30 
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 29%

Renewal and Rebirth


“Renewal and Rebirth”
SageWoman #86 
$5.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%

Myth & Legend


“Myth & Legend”
newWitch #13 
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 17%

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