June 2017
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Compassion for All -- Including Ourselves

This article excerpted from the Third Wave Witch
blog at PaganSquare.

It's been a hard spring for many of us, including this Priestess. We've been doing a lot of emotional housecleaning, facing fears, putting to rest old selves, and navigating a world that seems to be determined to show us its cruelest face. It can be hard to find even a moment of peace, of gentleness, of compassion.

That's why I'm delighted that Kuan Yin, She Who Hears the Cries of the World, has decided to visit us this week.  Kuan Yin reminds us that if our compassion does not include ourselves, it is incomplete. She also reminds us to release judgement.

This does not mean that we cannot be discerning, or that we cannot decide to remove ourselves from situations that are toxic or harmful. Rather, she reminds us that we can use our discernment and compassion to transform ourselves and others.

Susan Harper is an eclectic solitary Feminist Witch from Irving, Texas. She is a professor of Anthropology, Sociology, and Women's Studies, with a focus on gender, religion, and sexuality. She is also an activist, community educator, and writer. When she's not making magick or fomenting social change, Susan is the head soapmaker, herbalist, and aromatherapist for Dreaming Priestess Creations. She shares her life with her partner, Stephanie, five cats, and two guinea pigs.

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Aphrodite rules this issue: articles include "The secrets of self-love through Aphrodite", a self-esteem ritual, "Love and the Altarspace', "An Aphrodite Ritual for Summer Solstice", a review of "love" cards in various tarot decks, Nan Hawthorne's "Playing with the Goddess: sacred dress and sacred sex", and Lunaea's own stunning offering, "She Changes Everything She Touches: Body change as magickal self-love." There's a lot packed into these 52 illustrated pages.

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The Blessed Bee #01.
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• Magical Parenting: Allowing Mistakes

• Pagan Homeschooling:
        Breaking Misconceptions

• Mama’s Herbal Medicine:
       Healthy Memories

• Crafty Ideas: Let’s Make A Sabbat Tree·

• Earth Mother Stories: Demeter & Kore

• Songs for the Inner Child: Needed Tunes

• The Poetic Muse: Hearing Hest & Other Poems

• Breastfeeding Ritual: An Honor to the Nursing Mother

• Becoming Demeter: The Sacred Healing Circles of Home & Family

Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Originally published in the Summer of 1999.

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