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Myth & Legends Pre-Order Available "Crone Issue 7: Mothers&Daughters"

Discover the many entwined ribbons of women's stories in this special issue: tales of motherhood both tender and bittersweet; a visit with visionary artist Faith Nolton; a visit to the matriarchal past of Crete with Carol Christ; discovering the growing movement of neighborhoods designed to help us age in place in our own homes; an encounter with Hekate; women singing in sacred circles and so very much more. 128 advertising-free pages.

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The Pagan News BeagleFrom the

The Goddess and a Cat
-- a Farewell

By Gwion Raven

We stroked his head and ran our hands along his body. He purred. We looked at him directly in the eyes and we sang songs. He purred. We told him of mice and birds and long summer days that would not end. He purred. We held him close, so very close, as the needle pierced his skin. The purring stopped. 

The last few days have been filled with tears and with fond remembrances of our dear cat, Bear Claw. He lived for almost twenty years. I have children that have never known a time before Bear Claw. Simply put, he was part of our family... (Click here to read the rest of this article.)

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