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"SageWoman #91: Worlds of Faerie"

SageWoman: Worlds of Faerie

Our new spring issue of SageWoman is in production and will be mailing in April.

For millennia, we humans have experienced meetings with Beings whose existence overlapped only lightly with our own realm. These visitors bring chaos, whimsy, and undiluted emotion -- ranging from joy to terror -- swirling in their wake. They act in ways that we humans would simply never think of: just similar enough to us that we can interact with them, but twisted just slightly. Many call these beings "Faeries" and this issue is dedicated to our relationships with their ethereal and enigmatic beings.

Included in this issue:

 “Away with the Fairies" · "A Match Made in Faerie" · “Butterfly Wings"
"Pursued by Music: A True Story of the Great Fairy Mound of Iona”
“The Gifts of Annwyn” · “Elves: Fairy Folk of the Northern Lands."

Susun Weed describes her experience with Faerie Medicine; Allison Leigh Lilly reflects on art in a time of strife; and Lizann Bassham describes the connections between the worlds of the Fae and the voice of our ancestors. Anne Hill lends her wisdom on the subject of dreaming between the worlds; Crystal Blanton finds security in solitude; and Rebecca Bailey points out that Faeries don't use cell phones.

Do you wonder how we can find magic in everyday life? Sit in on Amanda Lonsdorf’s conversation on this very subject with British author of The Hedgewitch Book of Days, Mandy Mitchell. Plus Goddess-loving poetry, stories from our readers in the Rattle; and reviews of books we love. We end with a wee story of a trip to the fabled land of the fairies in Ireland by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.

Are the Worlds of Faerie calling to you? Enjoy this special spring issue. 88 pages, to be published in April of 2018.

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

Opening to the LightOpening to the Light
SageWoman #9.
Only $5.95. Save 25%.

This is a "maiden" issue, including the charming image of a springtime flower fairy by Joanna Powell Colbert that adorns the cover.

Fairies everywhere, beginning with Lunaea's own fairy tale, "The Princess, the Goddess and the Dune" and "Thirteen Blessings" -- a feminist retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story by Shekinah Mountainwater; plus feminist creation stories, an Interview with Womanist scholar and priestess Luisah Teish and much more.

44 illustrated pages, edited and published by Lunaea Weatherstone, Spring 1989.

On sale paper edition.

Featured Classic Digital Issue

Element of FireElement of Fire
Witches&Pagans #26.
Only $5.95. Save 14%.

That’s Faerie songstress and bard Sharon Knight on the cover, lending her enchanting presence to this special issue on the Element of Fire.

Get Fired Up: Thrill at the wonder, glory, and (let’s face it) danger of dancing with Fire in Phil Brucato’ guide to Pagan fire dancing “Brave Enough to Burn” and travel to the Land of Enchantment, as Amanda Morris shares the inside scoop on her magickal homeland in “A Witches’ Guide to New Mexico.”

Meet Bright Stars: This issue guest-stars a quartet of fascinating Pagan notables. Enjoy a conversation with Llewellyn author Thea Sabin (Wicca for Begginners and A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans); thrill to our exclusive sit-down with the one-and-only gothic tribal mistress Sharon Knight of Pandemonaeon; and up-and-coming Australian witch and author Gede Parma.

Light Up Your Magick: Susan Harper teaches us to bring the mercurial element of Fire into our daily lives, Bri Saussy sheds light on Pagan uses for those ubiquitous Novena candles, and Cathie Rayes discusses what to do when “mirror spells” just aren’t enough.

PLUS Raven Grimassi on making herbal ashes for magickal work; myth and lore of trees; ancestral Fire worship; candle magick with Deborah Blake; solitary practice from Teo Bishop; John Michael Greer spikes Pagan myths about the “good olde days,” and Fritz Muntean warns us of the dangers of white-washing the “W” word. Pagan short fiction and poetry, a rousing guest editorial by Valentine McCay-Ridell on the place of politics in Paganism, letters from readers, no-holds-barred reviews, and lots more! 88 pages, published in spring of 2013.

On sale pdf digital edition.
Also available in paper-by-mail.

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