December 2014
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News for December!

Witches and Pagans #29 single copy pre-order.Witches&Pagans 29 goes to press
Our “Wicca & Witchcraft" issue is currently at press and should be mailing by Winter Solstice. You still have time to subscribe and receive this as your first issue.

Here's a few of the highlights of this special issue.

Meet Magickal Witches:
Two charismatic ladies light up this issue concentrating on Witchcraft and Wicca. In “Craft of the Wise” we meet a reigning Queen of Gardnerian Witchcraft, the distinguished Wiccan elder Patricia Crowther. Ms. Crowther has been part of the Craft for over fifty years, and in this conversation she looks back to the days of Gerald Gardner when Wicca was new and shares her observations on the state of witchcraft today.

Deborah Blake specializes in teaching her readers how to bring magick to everyday life. In this interview, "(Not Just) Your Everyday Witch" we sit down with the charming and vivacious author of seven books on practical magick to find out how she keeps her own world magickal. (Spoiler: she's got a black cat named "Magic" who helps out quite a bit.)

Chase Down the Great Beast — in London? Nomadic magickal travel writer and explorer Natalie Zaman recently crossed the Atlantic to hunt for traces of the mysterious magician Aleister Crowley. Follow her as she day-trips around London on the trail of the Golden Dawn and find out what she uncovered in "Wandering Witch Goes to London."

Explore the Heart of Wicca and Witchcraft: What is the one piece of liturgy that most Wiccans share? The answer is the “Charge of the Goddess.” Sable Aradia parses the poem for the deeper meanings that illuminate the heart of Wiccan theology.

Is Wicca an ancient tradition, or a new religion? Ivo Dominguez, Jr. helps untangle the ways in which the history of Wicca reveals the heart of this magickal path. Mike Howard discusses the roots of traditional British sorcery in “Witchcraft before Wicca.”

The Culture of the Craft: Catt Foy investigates what’s actually in that Witches’ cauldron in Shakespeare’s MacBeth.
while in "What’s in your Spellbook?" Cory Thomas Hutcheson uncover the secret depths of the magician’s book of wisdom.

PLUS: Raven Grimassi extols the value of unwritten tradition; Jason Mankey claims the title of “Witch;” Diotima Martinea introduces a new column on Pagan astrology; and rabble-rousing activist H. Byron Ballard introduces us to her flavor of down-home Southern witchcraft. Plus letters, reviews, Pagan poetry and lots more! 88 pages.

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Yuletide Lore PanGaia #26
“Yuletide Lore”
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Winter Magick newWitch #18
“Winter Magick”
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Pagans & Animals PanGaia #40
“Pagans & Animals”
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The Animal Issue Witches&Pagans #20
“The Animal Issue”
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Element of Earth SageWoman #21
“Element of Earth”
$8.45 Paper Edition
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Looking Within SageWoman #8
“Looking Within”
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Wise Woman SageWoman #82
“Wise Woman”
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Surrender Crone Chronicles #41
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Joy Crone #3
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