September 2015
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Crone #8 Mails on September 17.

Crone #8 pre-order.
At long last, Crone magazine issue #8 will be mailing to all US subscribers on September 17. (Canadian and overseas subscriber issues will mail by Sept 23.) Our next SageWoman will be coming soon, and we are hard at work on the fall edition of Witches&Pagans, too!

New: Sneak Preview of SageWoman #88
Serenity Our fall issue of SageWoman, #88 "Serenity" is now available for pre-order.

We normally think of inner peace as a permanent condition: one that we either possess at all times or is never present at all. But what if serenity -- far from being a trophy that we can capture and display upon our interior altar -- is one of the natural elements like wind, water, and fire? We can’t understand Serenity by thinking, ruminating, or planning. What if, instead of possessing serenity, the quality of Serenity can possess us?

In this issue of SageWoman, our readers share their stories of how Serenity found them, and how they are able to welcome this most comforting Presence into their lives. Check out the full description of this beautiful issue by using the pre-order link or subscribe.
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Good vs. Evil


 PanGaia #37 
“Good vs. Evil”
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 SageWoman #43 
$8.95 Paper Edition
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 SageWoman #04  
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A Witches’ Halloween


 newWitch #01 
“A Witches' Halloween”

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 Crone #4 
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Naming Ourselves


 SageWoman #39 
“Naming Ourselves”
$8.95 Paper Edition
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