October 2016
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The Magic of TreesThe Magic of Trees
SageWoman #90.
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Our new issue of SageWoman mailed to subscribers on Sept. 24. You can still order a single copy or subscribe today and start with this wonderful fall issue. As with all of our new and current issues, copies include free delivery.

Available in either paper or instant download digital editions.

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Witches&Pagans #33 Tarot & Divination

Pre-order Tarot & Divination.Now Available for Preorder
Tarot & Divination
Witches&Pagans #33

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Our new  issue of Witches&Pagans -- #33 "Tarot & Divination” is now available for preorder."

In this special issue, we share tips, tools, and experiences with the witchy art of divination.

Articles will include:

88 pages, scheduled to mail in November.

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

Light & ShadowLight & Shadow
SageWoman #55.
Only $4.77. Save 40%.

This issue, which came out right before the 9/11 attacks of September 2001, somewhat presciently delves into the question of facing our shadows. Articles on surviving a miscarriage, retrieving our dormant talents, bipolar Paganism, Demeter and Persephone, facing cancer, and the Yoruba Goddess of catastrophic change, Oya, are balanced by homier, comforting columns on autumnal food, becoming a herbalist (Susun Weed), creating a book of light, Goddess thealogy and process philosophy (Carol Christ), magical arts & crafts, and rituals for meeting Ereshkigal and celebrating Samhain.

96 illustrated pages, published in autumn of 2001.

Available only in on sale paper editions.

Featured Classic Digital Issue

A Witches' HalloweenA Witches' Halloween
newWitch # 1.
Only $4.95. Save 17%.

The issue that started it all! A Real Witches' Halloween · Debunking Samhain Myths · Day of the Dead · Honoring Our Living Ancestors · Animal Memorial Ceremonies · Coming Out as Pagan · Workplace Wicca 101 · Understanding Islam · Crystal Balls for Beginners · Make Your Own Love Altar · Beginner's Guide to Moon Magic · Magical Tools in Your Kitchen · Creating a Personal Shrine · Magical Symbols in the Subway · Witchcraft on Buffy · Goth Music for Witches · Pagan Samhain Fiction.

80 illustrated pages, published in fall 2002.

Available in both paper and on sale digital editions.

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SageWoman #17 
$7.95 Paper Edition
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SageWoman #43 
$8.95 Paper Edition
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War & Peace


 “War & Peace” 
Crone Chronicles #28
$4.95 Paper Edition
(original) Save 29%

Premiere Issue


 “Premiere Issue” 
PanGaia #13
$7.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 20%

Faerie Magic


 “Faerie Magic” 
Witches&Pagans #19 
$5.95 Paper Edition
(digital pdf) Save 14%

Element of Earth


 “Element of Earth” 
Witches&Pagans #28 
$5.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%

Cutting Edge Paganism


 “Cutting Edge Paganism” 
newWitch #12 
$5.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%

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