April 2017
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Welcome, dear Spring!

SageWoman: Worlds of Faerie

(this article excerpted from the WeMoon blog at PaganSquare)

Blessings of spring and happy planting! Make sure to get some good medicines in your garden for self-love and a healthy spirit!

Librans love self-care, take some extra time this full moon to check in with your body.

Balance your weight on each foot and feel your weight shift. JUMP into the crisp April air, breathing deep.

Preparing to Make Herbal Medicine

Give thanks a thousand times
let the stars know of your plans
turn your face to the sun
turn your face to the moon

Release your grievances
and take up your desire

Listen closely to the plants
press your face to the earth
let your belly rest
on the ground
what do you feel
what do you know

Dream the remedy
breathe into it
be the remedy emerging

Every tool is an extension of your spirit
be intimate in making space for making
entice the spirit of healing to take up residence
in the temple of the remedy

Give thanks a thousand times more
Ask yourself-am I ready?

© L. Sixfingers 2015

Barbara Largent (Bend, OR) created this work of art; she is an artist and healer. She has deep love for the earth, for women, and for the inner journey.

L Sixfingers (Palos Verdes Estates, CA) is a Witch, Gathering Tradition Weaver, and herbologist. In pursuit of enchantment, she explores the intersections of identity, authenticity, devotional ecstasy, and (re)creating sustainable Pagan cultures.

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

Mothers and DaughtersMothers and Daughters
SageWoman #37.
Only $8.95. Save 18%.

Often patriarchal religions have been said to focus on the Father, while Goddess spirituality focuses on the Mother. In this issue, SageWoman examines how our relationships as mothers and daughters affects and reflects our spirituality.

How can we love our daughters, and help them to grow up strong and independent? Virginia Bean Rutter's "Celebrating Girls" discusses how adult women can help girls enter menarche with the spark of the Goddess still burning brightly in their hearts. Another sort of battle - this one against her daughter's leukemia - is the subject of Madeline Goldstein's "Battling for Cristina" while Sara Spaulding-Phillips describes the gifts of spirit her daughter has brought to her in "Of the Same Piece of Cloth." Catherine Cobeaga describes her eternal connection to her mother - even at the end of life - in her essay "In Love All Ways", and Diana Paxson gives a comprehensive overview of the most famous Mother-Daughter Goddess team of antiquity in "Demeter and Persephone: Learning to Let Go."

Seasonal offerings include Janeen Grohsmeyer springtime family celebrations in "Children of the Goddess: Spring"and Yvonne Owens' "The Witches Wheel of the Year: The Rites of Spring" which describes ancient, pre-Christian roots of Valentine's Day, Spring Equinox, and Easter celebrations, and ties them to rituals we can celebrate today. Columns include DeAnna Alba's reflections on learning to live our own dreams (not that of our mothers) in "The Cauldron of Changes", Jan Williams' musings on the Women's Herbal Conference in "Sacred Herbs: Gifts from the Land", and the reflections of both Ann Kreilkamp and Carol Christ on their conflicted relationships with their own mothers. Three new columns debut with this issue: Joanna Powell Colbert focuses on divination in "The Sibyl Speaks" and Kathleen O'Connell describes The Goddess, cycles, and the roots of astrology in "Luna Muse" and Lunaea Weatherstone (founding foremother of SageWoman) returns in "Hearth and Home: Everyday Enchantments." There's also a spring calendar of holy days, a ritual for honoring one's mother, reviews, and a rip-roaring Rattle installment (largely devoted to discussion of whether women can love the Goddess and Jesus at the same time.) This issue overflows with wisdom and deep meaning for women of all ages. 80 pages, published in Spring 1997.

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Featured Classic Digital Issue

Love, Sex & May DayLove, Sex & May Day
newWitch #9.
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That’s Faerie songstress and bard Sharon Knight on the cover, lending her enchanting presence to this special issue on the Element of Fire.

Get Fired Up: Thrill at the wonder, glory, and (let’s face it) danger of dancing with Fire in Phil Brucato’ guide to Pagan fire dancing “Brave Enough to Burn” and travel to the Land of Enchantment, as Amanda Morris shares the inside scoop on her magickal homeland in “A Witches’ Guide to New Mexico.”

Meet Bright Stars: This issue guest-stars a quartet of fascinating Pagan notables. Enjoy a conversation with Llewellyn author Thea Sabin (Wicca for Begginners and A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans); thrill to our exclusive sit-down with the one-and-only gothic tribal mistress Sharon Knight of Pandemonaeon; and up-and-coming Australian witch and author Gede Parma.

Light Up Your Magick: Susan Harper teaches us to bring the mercurial element of Fire into our daily lives, Bri Saussy sheds light on Pagan uses for those ubiquitous Novena candles, and Cathie Rayes discusses what to do when “mirror spells” just aren’t enough.

PLUS Raven Grimassi on making herbal ashes for magickal work; myth and lore of trees; ancestral Fire worship; candle magick with Deborah Blake; solitary practice from Teo Bishop; John Michael Greer spikes Pagan myths about the “good olde days,” and Fritz Muntean warns us of the dangers of white-washing the “W” word. Pagan short fiction and poetry, a rousing guest editorial by Valentine McCay-Ridell on the place of politics in Paganism, letters from readers, no-holds-barred reviews, and lots more! 88 pages, published in spring of 2013.

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