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Celtic month of Magical Willow

Article adapted from article from Molly's post at her blog Woodspriestess at PaganSquare.

Good May Morning!

I woke with the smell 
of Belfire still in my hair
and knelt in a circle
of hawthorn and roses
to bless my brow, cheeks,
and neck with dew. 
I heard the sound of
hooves on leaf and stone
and saw three deer leaping
away through the woods. 
I lifted my arms to sun
exhilarated with wild enchantment. 
What a blessing it is to live
right here, right now.

This week you might wish to pick or buy flowers for your home, to add touches that give you a sense of warmth and hominess, or light candles or diffuse oils near you while you go about your household tasks.

“What greater praise can I give you than to call you green? Green, rooted in light, shining like the sun that pours riches on the wheeling earth; incomprehensible green, divinely mysterious green, comforting arms of divine green protecting us in their powerful circle…”

--Hildegard of Bingen

Down the full May Magic Ritual as a free pdf.

Molly is a priestess who holds MSW, M.Div, and D.Min degrees. She finished her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S. She is the author of Womanrunes, Earthprayer, and The Red Tent Resource Kit. Molly and and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses, original goddess sculptures, mini goddesses, pendants, and ceremony kits at Brigid’s Grove, where they also publish Womanrunes book and deck sets

Plant Allies:
The Hidden Magic of the Green World

Faerie Magic Last Chance to Pre-order: 
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In this issue of Witches&Pagans we share the experiences of herbalists, gardeners, magic-workers and ordinary folks as the weave relationships with our Green kin. 

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The CroneThe Crone
SageWoman #51.
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One of our culture’s greatest taboos is aging, and when the impulse to deny the process of time is combined with still-present cultural ageism, what results is the near-invisibility of eldering women. In this issue of SageWoman, we celebrate the Crone -- symbol of all that our culture fears most -- by listening to the stories of aging women as well as the inner Crone within ourselves.

Pamela Collins speaks directly to the problem in her essay “Refusing Exile.” Juxtaposing her personal experience with the place of the Crone in Grail legend, Pamela learns to value the burgeoning Crone already present in her middle-aged self.

In “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues” Rebecca Vassey describes the primal power with that witchiest of grandmothers -- the Underworld Goddess of Slavic legend, Baba Yaga -- while Anthea Francis’ deeply- probing essay “The Question of Aging: Towards Creating a Community of Care” directly addresses the compelling question of how we face our own aging while caring for our eldering parents, friends, and family members. Marilyn DeMario embraces the lighter side of aging in “My Croning Altar” and Burleigh Muten shares a tale of a surprising croning ritual in “Baby Crone: A Coming of Age Story.”

Loremistress Diana Paxson takes us on a journey into the mysteries of the Kabbalah in her examination of “Binah: Beyond the Crone” which includes a full ritual for invoking this Dark Goddess in circle work, while Linda Ledbetter’s column offers us vegetarian autumn recipes from the Crone’s kitchen. Carol Christ writes on why she finds the “Maiden-Mother-Crone” trinity inadequate to her life’s journey, and Joanna Powell Colbert leads on a a crone’s journey into deep vision of the natural world. The Dark goddesses of Autumn -- especially the Wild Horde and Frau Perchta -- are welcomed by Waverly Fitzgerald, who also shares the lore of the matron saint of menopause and Our Lady of Solitude.

Finally, in our ritual column, “A Circle is Cast” we have a Hot Flash Meditation and a ritual to honor the ending of a pregnancy. Plus loads of reviews, and a spirited Rattle section sharing more crone stories from our readers. 96 lavishly-illustrated pages released in Winter Solstice 2000. Reprint edition, paper only. 96 illustrated pages.

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Featured Classic Digital Issue

The Animal IssueThe Animal Issue
Witches&Pagans #20.
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Unraveling the conundrum of human/non-human relations begins with a simple question: how big is our family? If non-humans are existentially equal to humans, then we must treat them with respect; if they are as different from humans in kind, as, for example, a human is different from a chair, then our moral obligations to them are slight. I believe that most contemporary Neo-Pagans would concur with Ted Andrews when he writes, “When we learn to speak with the animals… the animals are no longer our subordinates. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions.”

In this issue we wrestle with the messy, tangled, and even intractable questions of genuine relationship: honest ambiguity (“when are shamanistic techniques universal, and when are they forms of cultural exploitation?”), subtle definitions (“what is the difference between animal spirits and totems”), and surprise revelations (“what, you are my totem?”).

Join us as we meet far-ranging urban shaman and otherkin Lupa; explore the still-evolving Witchcraft of Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone; trip through the ever-shifting shoals of the urban Witch’s playground, New York City, and probe more deeply into how totems choose us (instead of the other way around.) We also feature musings on the benefits of relationships with companion animals, the mysteries of polarity, avoiding the perils of dualism, how to make your own witchy jewelry, promoting a healthy magical mindset, and even how to prepare for the disposal of your magical “stuff” after you die.

Plus two short stories, a triplet of poems, and a true-life tale of post-mortem animal magic. It’s a rich, even heady, curry of ideas, people, questions (and sometimes, but not always, answers). I hope it stimulates your thinking about these thorny, but fascinating ideas. Ninety-six illustrated pages.

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