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A Spring Fling with Spring

Available in either paper or digital editions.Article by Trivia at the Crossroads

“Spring is here, steal pleasure whilst you can.” - Gareth Writer-Davies, Aphrodite

I work at a public school on Mondays.  To avoid traffic and lights, I take a route through the country which adds about ten minutes to my morning. I cross over creeks, ponds, and little rivers.  I admire grand country-estates and charming little cabins tucked into the trees.  The drive gives me a little extra time to enjoy a podcast or an audio book, and the rosy-fingered dawn is always spectacular -- a sight I don’t get to enjoy during my other commutes.Enjoying the seasons of the south-eastern United States is always a treat for me.

Spring starts early here, usually with daffodils and narcissus peaking up, slowly at first, and then eagerly and brilliantly sometime in January.  I don’t know if these are all bulbs that have been planted throughout the region with intention, or if these flowers occur naturally in the Carolina climate. Either way they show up everywhere -- randomly in yards, in the middle of the woods, in gardens, alongside hedges.  I love them!  Daffodils were my favorite as a kid because their yellow trumpet blooms were so unlike other flowers I typically saw.  They are unique and bold and hearty and quirky -- usually surviving the last of the winter storms and lasting into good-and-proper Springtime.

On my morning commute this week I drove by a charming farmhouse, one I’ve driven by nearly every Monday for the past six months.  It’s managed to mostly escape my notice, until I realized that it is shrouded in flowers -- dozens and dozens of huge, glorious blooming pear trees line the driveway on both sides, and the house is surrounded by flowering trees and bushes, too.  I thought about taking a detour off of the main road, of being a few minutes late for work, just to drive down that corridor of magnificent flowering trees.  What must it be like to be surrounded by such beauty, if only for a few weeks once a year?  These trees are so tall and grand and full, and I fell in love with them a little, remembering past lovers and heartbreaks and romance. Ah, love!

But by next week I’ll fall in love with another bloom – probably the hyacinths with their deep, rich, sweet scents, reminding me of my childhood and the bulbs my mother would plant in her little flowerbed in front of the house every year.  And after the hyacinths maybe I’ll fall in love with the dogwoods, unfolding like a silken wedding dress, or maybe even some early blooming wild roses, so scraggly and resilient, so diametrically opposite from their cultivated sisters.

Springtime is a time for falling in love, and what can possibly be better than to fall in love with spring itself?  Because this season is all-to-short, and soon we’ll be lighting the fires of Beltane.  Soon.

Trivia is a social worker, freelance writer, minister, and priestess. She loves to have a good adventure. Follow her exploits on Twitter on Tumblr and at her PaganSquare blog.

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