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Celebrate Aine,
the Celtic Goddess of Summer

This article excerpted from the The Goddess Way
blog at PaganSquare.

Article and Image by Judith Shaw, copyright 2017

Aine, (pronounced AW-neh), was originally worshipped as a Sun Goddess. Like so many Celtic goddesses and gods, Aine has assumed many other roles over the years, and is also known as a Faery Queen. She is often called Aine, Goddess of Love, Light, and Fertility. Her name means “brightness, glow, joy, radiance; splendor, glory, fame” and she is associated with the abundance of summer.

Aine had two sisters, Fenne and Grainne. When the moon was full, the three sisters would ride their horses out from their sidhes (underground mounds where fairie goddesses live) to laugh and play in the moonlit waters of the sacred lake, Lough Gur.. It is possible that Aine and Grainne alternated as goddesses of the waxing and waning solar year, changing place at the solstices.

As a Moon Goddess and a Fertility Goddess she ruled over and protected both crops and animals. At Midsummer celebrations on June 23 the people honored Aine. The men lit torches on the top of her hill, Cnoc Aine, and then ran down through their cattle and fields asking Her blessings for an abundant harvest. It was believed that at the same time Aine and the fairies of Her sidhe undertook a similar procession in the Otherworld.

Aine, beautiful, bright and glowing, is a muse to every poet. She could inspire great works of creativity or drive the artist to madness.

Above all else, Aine was the people's Goddess, who gave much to them and received their love and worship in return. An ancient myth tells the story of how Aine gave the gift of grain to the people of Ireland. In this account, Aine sat in her birthing chair on Lammas, August 1st, and gave birth to a sheave of grain. Thus the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Lammas are also her sacred days.

Aine calls you to claim your own power and to experience true joy. She offers aide with love, fertility and prosperity. May the Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility, who brings us the sun's power and life force and the moon's mystery, intuition and regeneration, be with you and protect you as you move through the days of your life.

This article excerpted and adapted from Judith Shaw's post on her blog "The Goddess Way" on PaganSquare

Judith Shaw has always been interested in myth, culture and mysticism. Her work, inspired by the goddess, nature and sacred geometry, combines whimsy and the esoteric - whimsical tree paintings which often look like women dancing are intertwined with esoteric symbols such as those found in sacred geometry. She lives in Albuquerque where she divides her time between painting, writing, yoga, gardening, bee keeping, and hanging out with friends and family.  She is putting the final touches on a deck of Celtic Goddess cards which will be published soon.  

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