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Lammas Blessings and Sacred Pauses

Stone Henge

Lammas Blessings and Sacred Pauses

In my dream,
the Summer Queen
is wrapped in summer’s fire,
garbed in gowns of gold and brown,
and blazing with desire,
the grass and grains
are winding down,
leaning in ebbing spires.
She feels the heat beneath her feet,
her stride is wide,
her lips are sweet,
her arms lift up to lightning streaks.
She twirls around on thirsty ground
raising the passions higher.
With hips and hopes expanding wide
her heart alight with joy and pride
her song is strong,
her howls are long,
her many prayers are hot and bold
and then her plans
find ease at last
remembering the wheel spins fast
it’s nearly time to share the floor,
as Autumn’s Queen
peeks round
the door.

In August, I feel held in a space between summer’s fire and summer’s fatigue. There has been a blooming and a ripening, and now a harvesting and a fading begin as the time comes to turn the page.

This month, I've created a free "Toolkit for Sacred Pauses" and you may access it at my patreon page here

Lammas blessings to you all!

Molly is a priestess who holds MSW, M.Div, and D.Min degrees. She finished her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S. She is the author of Womanrunes, Earthprayer, and The Red Tent Resource Kit. Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses, original goddess sculptures, mini goddesses, pendants, and ceremony kits at Brigid’s Grove (

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In this, our premiere edition of PanGaia from autumn of 1997, we stretched the meaning of "Pagan" to include a wide variety of earth-friendly spiritualities. In fact, this could easily be named "The Gaian Issue."

This trail-blazing issue includes articles on scientific mysticism (I still enjoy reading "The Nine Layers of Gaea", an article on Gaea's geological body, including why California can never "fall into the sea" and a geologist's grounding ritual); right livelihood; Anodea Judith on the chakras and our first Toe-to-Toe debate (on whether Paganism needs professional clergy).

Our cover story is a profile of the life and work of eco-warrior and activist Judi Bari; and its real-world focus is nicely balanced by "Death, come home" (short fiction by James Fadiman); the Zen-inspired article on Pagan personal growth "The Ten Bullsof Pagan Practice," and an in-depth examination of Dionysis and Apollo by lore-mistress Diana Paxson.

Plus Pauline and Dan Campenelli on the holiday of Lammas; a child-friendly version of the story of Demeter and Persephone; a how-to article on making Pagan rattles (also geared to children) and more.

80 pages, published in the Autumn of 1997.

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We begin with Joanna Powell Colbert's luminous reflection on finding joy through travel in her story about visiting the legendary vale of Avalon -- Glastonbury, England -- "Sacred Places Near and Far."

Then priestess and mystic Yeye Osunymi shares her experience with finding Osun (aka Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of Rivers, Love and Joy) in the most unlikely of places: the dry landscape of the desert southwest in "Discovering Osun's Joy."

Our bodies themselves can be a source of joy; after all, the Goddess had us incarnate into physical form, didn't She? Barbara Ardinger and A. Burke rejoice in the qualities of simple bodily luxury; Barbara through exploring "Breathing Every Day" and Ms. Burke taking on the simple joy of uncovered skin in "The Naked Truth."

How does the Divine communicate with us? Vila SpiderHawk shares the blessings of simple divine energy in even the most trying circumstances in her story "The Healing Power of Happiness" while Diana Paxson explores the lore, mysteries, and rituals of a little-known (but rapidly becoming more popular) Norse goddess "Idunna: Harvest of Joy."

If that didn't fill your heart with happiness, there's still more goodies: Kiva Rose on embodying bliss, Lunaea Weatherstone on the Queenly properties of the Moon, Love Magic with Elizabeth Cunningham. Plus reviews, rituals, the Rattle and much more.

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