February 2015
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News for February!

Sacred LandsSageWoman 87 "Sacred Lands" is now available for pre-order.
Some places are just special -- amazing lands that make us sigh with relief, uncurl our tensions, drop our worries, and open us to the Goddess. In this issue of SageWoman, we share the stories of women who have found their magical place, and what it means to them.

Our stories in this issue include:

Where the River Springs from the Mountain: the story of a magical hot springs, and the community there.

Ancient Mothers of Loch Lomond: one woman's experience with the otherworldly beings that still inhabit the ancient mountains of Scotland.

Home is Where the Goddess Is: a Goddess-rich paradise in an urban homestead.

Fairyland in a Factory Town, tales of the healing places of a childhood and a special park where the magic still survives.

A Night on the Tor: a pilgrimage to the Goddess sanctuary of Glastonbury.

A Desert Epiphany: finding magic in the Mojave.

Mestra: Recovering the Sacred Grove in Orange County: insights about making "ruined" places sacred again.

Earth Angel: a perfect afternoon on a Pacific coast beach.

This Message in a Bottle could have been addressed by the Goddess to any of us.

From our
SageWoman columnists: loremistress Diana Paxson on the Celtic water goddess Danu; herbalist Susun Weed describes how she made her home in a former gravel pit; Lizann Bassham finds the sacred land of her own body; Anne Hill notes how liminal space can create transformation in our lives, Danielle Black describes a trip to Glastonbury many years ago; Nancy Vedder-Shults relates how she came to understand the stone circles of southern England; and Crystal Blanton on the sacrality (and brokenness) of her homeland.

Plus animal companions, Goddess cooking, and the wonderful voices of our readers in our "readers write" department, the Rattle. We end with Milina Jovanic’s meditation on finding the goddess Cybele on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Find your own magical home in the pages of this special issue! 88 pages, scheduled to be published in March, 2015. Pre-order NOW at a special price.

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Sacred Space SageWoman #44
“Sacred Space”
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“Glamour Magick”
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Law Vs. Chaos Witches&Pagans #23
“Law Vs. Chaos”
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The Warrior Maiden SageWoman #72
“The Warrior Maiden”
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Solitude Crone Chronicles #37
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Magick in Pop Culture PanGaia #25
“Magick in Pop Culture”
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