November 2015
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Witches&Pagans - Arts of MagicPre-Order is now available for
Witches&Pagans #31 "Arts of Magic" Save 19%.

Dive deep into this special issue on all things magical, including spellwork, protection, and psychic self-defense. Pre-order or subscribe by Nov. 22 to ensure you get this special issue!

Power to the People:
Magic as a Tool for Justice

Is hexing evil? Francesca De Grandis reminds us of the long history of using magic for practical purposes: and to overcome injustice.

Upon Reflection:
Harnessing Mirrors for Protection Magic

Devi Spring shares her conjure and craft techniques for protecting yourself with the power of mirror magic

Curses, Hexes, and Bad Spirits:
Psychic Self-Defense in Canarian Curanderismo

Curanderismo is the tradition of physical and spiritual healing in most Spanish-speaking cultures. Carolina Gonzalez is a Curandera in the Canary Islands and Hex-Breaking is one of her most-requested services.

Post-Modern Sigilcraft
In an age of Tumblr, an ancient craft has become unexpectedly popular: the practice of making magic with nothing more than a pen and paper. Steve Shanafelt discovered its power firsthand.

Mistress of Magic:
Wandering Witch Dances with Katelan Foisy

In which our intrepid reporter Natalie Zaman has several tête-à-têtes with an enchantress -- and falls just a little bit under her spell. PLUS Simple Methods to Talk to the Dead.

Experimental Magic with Taylor Ellwood.

Magician Taylor Ellwood is perhaps best known for bringing together pop culture with modern occult practice. Find out what makes Taylor tick in thisinterviewby Justin Patrick Moore.

Check out the full description of this beautiful issue and pre-order or subscribe.

SageWoman - SerenitySageWoman #88 "Serenity" mailed October 23.

U.S. Subscribers should receive their copies by November 12, Canadian & overseas subscribers by Nov. 20. Digital issues are now ready for download or purchase.

Specials for November (see all specials)

Hearth and Home


 PanGaia #30 
“Hearth and Home”
$7.95 Paper Edition
(rare) Save 20%

The Goddess & Food


 SageWoman #52 
“The Goddess & Food”
$8.95 Paper Edition
(rare) Save 18%

Ethnic Traditions


 PanGaia #18 
“Ethnic Traditions”
$7.95 Paper Edition
(rare) Save 20%

Finding Our Treasure


 SageWoman #67 
“Finding Our Treasure”
$8.95 Paper Edition
(rare) Save 18%

The Gift


 Crone Chronicles #45 
“The Gift”
$3.99 Paper Edition
(original) Save 43%

The SageWoman Cookbook


 Soul Stirrings  
“The SageWoman Cookbook”
$10.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 22%

Yuletide Lore


 PanGaia #26  
“Yuletide Lore”
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 17%

A Merry Little Yuletide


 newWitch #2 
“A Merry Little Yuletide”
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 17%

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