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SageWoman #89 Mailed April 4th

Witches&Pagans - Arts of MagicRoots & Wings
Has mailed to subscribers.

Our new spring issue of SageWoman mailed to all subscribers on April 4; US subscribers should receive their copies by April 20. Canadian subscribers by April 29; overseas subscribers by May 6. Digital subscribers, you can download your issue *now.*

If your not a subscriber, you can buy one at the links below:

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Better still, subscribe today and start with this new issue.

Featured Classic Paper Issue

Heathen & Northern TraditionsWitches&Pagans #24
"Heathen & Northern Traditions"

(paper) Save $2.00
On Sale in April, only $8.95.

Discover the mysteries of the North -- land of Gods and Goddesses, giants and valkyries -- in all its glory in this special issue. We've gathered more a dozen leaders of Germanic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon reconstructionism, Heathenism, and Northern traditions to share their perspectives.

You'll meet a musician who brings the runes alive with ancestral instruments, the publisher of the ground-breaking Heathen culture magazine Hex, a God-claimed free-range tribal shaman, an iconoclastic philosopher who embraces "positive fatalism" and an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer. Plus Who's Who and What's What in contemporary Heathenism; a guide to the Gods, Goddesses and Powers of the North; a look at the Holy Tides of the Northern calendar; and a glimpse at the Wagnerian excesses of Viking grrl rock-n-roll.

Plus our regular columnists share the power of the Stag, teach 10 steps to weaving magic into your home, lay to rest the myth of "battle-crazed" Vikings, share beeswax candle magic for winter, and much more in 96 jam-packed pages.

96 illustrated pages of green goddess wisdom, originally published in the spring of 1998. Originally published in spring 2012.

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this beautiful issue or order with this link.

Featured Classic Digital Issue

Herbal GoddessSageWoman #85
"Herbal Goddess"

(digital pdf) Save $1.00
On Sale in March, only $4.95

Celebrate the amazing world of women's herbalism with this special issue. Stories of healers, visionaries, and pioneers fill us with inspiration. Discover new goddesses, old remedies, and learn how close our own healing powers are in our homes and the natural world all around us.

Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s “Luminous: Using Moon-Centered Herbalism to Enchant and Heal” unveils how she connects the moon’s power with growing and using plant energy. We focus on three specific plant allies in Ann Spanel’s “Blue Vervain: Opening Heart to Spirit,” Rebecca Bailey’s “Asana of the Juniper,” and “Fierce Mother: the Brave Heart of Lady Hawthorn.”

Druid priestess Sharon Paice McLeod’s weaves a story of ancient Irish herbal traditions in “Beloved: Walking with Plants in the Celtic Tradition" while Ellen Evert Hopman (author of Scottish Herbs & Fairy Lore) unveils the winding tale of how she became a herbalist in “Seduced by the Greenwood.” Sage Kohutek’ back-to-the-land tale “A Passion for Plants” reveals how rooting in plant magic can connect an entire community.

Speaking of community, Lupa’s article “A Sisterhood of Healers” introduces readers to the amazing and magical world of women’s herbal conferences. Lore Mistress Diana Paxson reveals the mysteries of the Norse healing goddess Eir, whose magic focuses on prevention and treatment of ailments (both spiritual and physical) through natural healing in her detailed article (the first I’ve ever seen published on this goddess “Eir: In the House of the Healer.”

There’s still more in this nourishing issue: renowned herbalist Susun Weed on connecting with herbal allies; Allison Leigh Lilly’s musings on keeping hope in desperate times; Lizann Bassham remembers her recently-passed father; Anne Hill remembers her start in women’s healing practices; Teresa Marbut offers a recipe for soul-nurturing comfort soup, and Goddess thealogian Nancy Vedder-Shultz announces triumphantly “Only Death for the Patriarchy.”

Plus the Rattle, reviews, poetry, and a luscious selection of inspiring Goddess artwork in this 88-page issue, published in February 2014.

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this beautiful issue and order with this link.

A Sample of Current Specials.

Pagan Activism


 newWitch #4 
“Pagan Activism”
$3.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 43%



 SageWoman #62 
$5.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%

Defending Gaia


 PanGaia #23 
“Defending Gaia”
$7.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 20%

Women & Nature


 Crone Chronicles 
“Women & Nature”
$9.95 Paper Edition
(reprint) Save 43%

Beltane Magick


 newWitch #29  
“Beltane Magick”
$4.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%



 Crone #5  
$9.95 Instant Download
(digital pdf) Save 14%

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