July 2014
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The Sacred Garden “White Tailed Bee” © SarahNet Ltd

July: a Walk through
the English Countryside

by Lady May
Edited and adapted from her article on her blog “Blessed Be” on PaganSquare.com

Reclining lazily upon my sunbed drifting in and out of a relaxing daydream, I am disturbed by the low drone of approaching bees; thousands of them grouped together in a tight black cloud that hovers and then hangs below the branch of a tree. I sit myself up and stare in awe at the sight before me, half afraid to move and yet transfixed at the same time. The swarm swirls and sways suddenly, the shape changing to an arrow head as if leading the way and slowly as if being sucked by a vacuum, they drift away and are gone.

Too content to get up I lay back and stare upon the blue sky of summer. The intricate weave of delicate gossamer clouds forming random shapes that evolve and then vaporize before our very eyes.

Swallows dip and dive chirruping busily as they go, their forked tail feathers distinct as they fly overhead. Higher, oh so much higher in the sky a buzzard rides the thermals playfully. Perfect peace shattered suddenly by the raucous squawking of angry rooks defending their territory from a marauding magpie.

I take a stroll through my garden and out into the field beyond. The once lush green grass now laying cut and golden yellow crackles beneath my footsteps. Bales of hay like giant Swiss rolls dot the landscape waiting to be collected by the big blue tractor stopped under the shade of the trees. I wave to the farmer sitting on one of the giant tyres swinging his legs and eating his lunch. He waves back and all is well.

Butterflies flit silently by, coming to rest upon an old wooden cart wheel. Their open wings revealing beautiful colours and patterns and just as I get near enough to take a closer look, they snap them shut as if teasing me playfully.

I walk alongside the wild margin feasting in the riot of colour laid before me, crimson poppies, purple thistle, pink mallow, white yarrow, yellow hawkweed and the pastel blues of chicory and cornflower, Nature’s own palette. The air is filled with the vintage scents of meadow sweet, honeysuckle and sweet Cicely and I am in a state of sensory overload.

A wind whips up from nowhere and the rustling leaves begin their secret symphony, I stop and listen to its haunting melody. Plants and branches bend and sway revealing the hidden jewel of silver colour on the underside leaves of the mother-wort.

Above me a cherry tree heavily laden with dark blood red fruits waves its tempting bounty and will not be ignored. I hop over the fence and pluck a small bunch of the rich sumptuous fruit and as I do so a dog rose scratches my arm. I smile defiantly, a small price to pay for the taste of Summer.

Lady May lives and works in the beautiful English Hampshire Countryside. She is a qualified herbalist and witch. She follows a way of life that that has been passed down through her family for generations. She has taken the traditional three degrees of the Craft to become a High Priestess and is still learning.

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SageWoman #86 goes to press!

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PanGaia #43
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It's supposed to be an Earth Religion, isn't it? Much of modern Pagan spirituality is all about reverence for Nature. But how does what we say we believe influence how we actually live? Are Pagans more eco-friendly than others? Wrestling with that question may be one of the most important contributions we Pagans can make to the future of life on Earth.

This 80 page issue from the Spring of 2008 includes a rich compendium of articles that address the Pagan relationship to the environment. Voudoisant and writer Kenaz Filan on dealing with catastrophic Earth changes (where was the Goddess when Katrina hit New Orleans?); Pagan living in a seemingly hostile environment; Arch-druid John Michael Greer on moving beyond the Gaia hypothesis to truly sustainable Pagan living; Australian and eco-philosopher Dr. Douglas Ezzy on deep animism; wolf biologist Dr. Christina Eisenberg on the Rewilding of North America; and Pagan science fiction by C. S. MacCath, M. Turville Heitz, and Brian K. Lowe.

To sum up, editor Elizabeth Barrette offers advice on "What Can I Do?" Moving from Anxiety to Action in Eco-Paganism," in Toe-to-Toe, our readers debate whether Pagans should try to find a Pagan paradise (some detractors posit that idea as a "Pagan ghetto"); Judy Harrow talks about the psychological vulnerabilities of High Priest/esses; and Archer offers observations on the mythology of the Celtic jewelry item par excellence -- the Torc.

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Winter 2006.

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“Women & Men”

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PanGaia #13
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In this, our premiere edition of PanGaia, we stretch the meaning of "Pagan" to include a wide variety of earth-friendly spiritualities. In fact, this could easily be named "The Gaian Issue."

This trailblazing issue includes articles on scientific mysticism (I still enjoy reading "The Nine Layers of Gaea", an article on Gaea's geological body, including why California can never "fall into the sea" and a geologist's grounding ritual); right livelihood; Anodea Judith on the chakras and our first Toe-to-Toe debate (on whether Paganism needs professional clergy).

Our cover story is a profile of the life and work of eco-warrior and activist Judi Bari; and its real-world focus is nicely balanced by "Death, come home" (short fiction by James Fadiman); the Zen-inspired article on Pagan personal growth "The Ten Bulls of Pagan Practice," and an in-depth examination of Dionysis and Apollo by lore-mistress Diana Paxson.

Plus Pauline and Dan Campenelli on the holiday of Lammas; a child-friendly version of the story of Demeter and Persephone; a how-to article on making Pagan rattles (also geared to children) and more.

80 pages, published in the Autumn of 1997.

P.S. This is the first issue of PanGaia under that name, but as it is a (co-gender) relaunch of our Pagan men's magazine The Green Man, it's actually number #13. Sorry for any confusion; it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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