Feburary 2017
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As Spring Draws Near


It may seem like winter just arrived, but here in Oregon where our publishing offices are located, it's already it’s on the way out. (Though we did just have a slushy wet snowfall today!)

Last week (Feb 1-3) was Imbolc, the Celtic festival celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s also approximated by St Brighid’s Day, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, Setsubun in Japan, and the Spring Festival in China (better known in the West as the Chinese New Year’s). Basically, a time to celebrate impending the return of warmth and the sun after months of cold and snow.

We’ve gathered all of our related stories as well as those we found across the web that we thought were interesting, and the link is here to them all. Enjoy!

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This issue of SageWoman focuses on where, when, and how Goddess spirituality intersects with political action.

Diana Paxson weaves an explicit connection between the Goddess and the American political system, complete with a ritual invocation (suitable for occasions of all kinds) in "Lady Liberty: Guardian of Freedom." (Diana returned to this theme in her cover essay for PanGaia 45 "One Nation Under Goddess.") Our other columnists also weigh in: DeAnna Alba writes about Dianic Wicca and feminism, Carol Christ describes the ethics of contemporary Goddess religion and their (to her) explicitly political ramifications, and there's even a spell to magically defeat a law, regulation or practice that discriminates against Pagans.

Even the Rattle (our reader's roundtable) gets into the act with a vigorous debate about issues that are political within the Goddess community: woman-only vs. multi-gender ritual space, "is meat murder", and the ethics of politically-specific magic. All in all, this is a rich stew of opinion, magick, and lore sure to warm the hearts of any (even-slightly) politically-active Goddess-loving woman.

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Wendy Rule: Faery's Child from Down Under • 18 Magical Gems, Stones, and Minerals Isaac Bonewits on Famous Pagan Founding Fathers • Cast Your Glamour: the Magic of Fashion Bring Harmony Home with Feng Shui • Plus Spotlight on Pagan Bands Good Witch/Bad Witch on Pagans marrying fundamentalist Christians, and much more.

80 pages, published in spring of 2007.

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