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A Spell for Serenity in Turbulent Times

This article adapted from Cerridwen's post at her blog Middle Earth Magic at PaganSquare.

Peace-of-Mind Serenity Spell

After I graduated from college, I had one of those experiences we all must endure in our twenties: a bad breakup.

I was somewhat of a zombie but my best friend was of a more practical bent and was studying Zen Buddhism. She placed a broom in my hand and suggested I “stop thinking about anything but doing the best possible job sweeping the floor.” I took her advice and even swept the sidewalks once I was done with the small cottage we lived in. Sweeping did bring about a stillness inside me, which was a relief after all the turmoil, I was still hurting but simplicity of the chores engendered quietude. I have a few brooms, including symbolic besoms,  and one is always right outside the back door and ready for the simple ritual of sweeping. Grab your broom and say aloud as you get started:

No storm outside, no storm within,
With every stroke and every step,
I feel more peace and quiet inside me.
And so it is. Blessed be me.

I have had times where I needed to sweep every floor and even the lawn outside but it immensely meditative and I encourage you to also find your Zen.

Cerridwen Greenleaf has worked with many of the leading lights of the spirituality world including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more. She gives herbal, crystal and candle magic workshops throughout North America. Greenleaf's graduate work in medieval studies has given her deep knowledge she utilizes in her work, making her work unique in the field. A bestselling author, her books include Moon Spell Magic, The Book of Kitchen Witchery, The Magic of Gems and Crystals and the Witch’s Spell Book series.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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