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Happy October:
SageWoman #95 Blessings of Air is coming!

SageWoman #95Air is argueably the least appreciated of the Four Elements. (Think of the use of the term “airhead” and you’ll get my meaning.) But upon reflection, it is actually the most expressive, sensory rich Element of them all. In this issue of SageWoman, we celebrate the power of Air with special emphasis on the winged beings that inhabit it: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies.

Our Feature Stories

Learning to Speak Truth: the Power of Words
The words of my heart sometimes only make it as far as my throat. What would it take to for those words come out into the air? Article by Jane Meredith, artwork by Martha Lindén.

Bird Goddess, Mother of All

Existing everywhere on Earth, birds are the touchstone through which we can maintain our contact with the Goddess. Article by Sandra Kynes, artwork by Lauren Foster-MacLeod.

Caring for Birds
I can spend hours in my backyard taking in all the marvelous avian performances that Mother Earth presents to me. Article by Susan Iedema, artwork by Emilee Hanks.

Spiritual Feathers
I am thankful to the feathers, to the birds, and to all of my spiritual messangers. They remind me that life is magical. Article by Jen Armenta, artwork by Anne Zimmerman.

Path of the Swan Priestess
This is the wild and ancient magic I had been thirsting for, finally found now at the home of the Swan Priestesses. Article by Seren Bertrand, artwork by Tanya Stewart.

A Dance of Bees and Flowers: Magic of Mason bees
Spending time with the Mason bees among my herb and vegetable garden is such a joy. Article by Charlene Allison Rountree, artwork by Melissa Winter.

The Bee & the Butterfly
My mind turns to the butterfly and the bee, floating and buzzing through our lives, adding beauty, color, and meaning. Article and illustrations by Laura Perry, opening art by Wendy Andrew

Sigyn: Victory in Adversity.
The Norse Lady of Butterflies is very strong -- and very brave. Article and artwork by Shirl Sazynski

Goddess Women in the World, Jesamyn Angelica. Lady Jesamyn paused from meticulously preparing for the Sisterhood of the Moon’s evening ritual to talk about what goes into creating sisterhood, beauty and community. Profile by Debra DeAngelo. 

A Taste of Honey: the Magic of the Melissae. Learn the mysteries and lore of the Bee priestesses of ancient Europe. Article by Diana Paxson.

Our Regular Columnists Share Their Wisdom

Susun Weed -- My Ally, Echinacea;
Alison Leigh Lilly -- Cowbird/Changeling;
Janet Callahan -- Every Breath is Precious;
Holly Emore -- It’s all about the Bees;
Anne Hill -- Music in the Air;
Leslie J Linder -- the Butterfly Effect;
Stephanie Sellars -- Daughters of the Goddess;
Jen McConnell -- Goddess of the Heart & Mind;
Rebecca Bailey -- Something in the Desert Air.

Join us for this special issue to celebrate the magical Element of Air and all its creatures.

88 pages, to be published December 1, 2019.

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Featured Classic Paper Issue

The Animal IssueThe Animal Issue
Witches&Pagans #20.
Only $8.95. Save 18

Unraveling the conundrum of human/non-human relations begins with a simple question: how big is our family? If non-humans are existentially equal to humans, then we must treat them with respect; if they are as different from humans in kind, as, for example, a human is different from a chair, then our moral obligations to them are slight. I believe that most contemporary Neo-Pagans would concur with Ted Andrews when he writes, “When we learn to speak with the animals …the animals are no longer our subordinates. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions.”

In this issue we wrestle with the messy, tangled, and even intractable questions of genuine relationship: honest ambiguity (“when are shamanistic techniques universal, and when are they forms of cultural exploitation?”), subtle definitions (“what is the difference between animal spirits and totems”), and surprise revelations (“what, you are my totem?”).

Join us as we meet far-ranging urban shaman and otherkin Lupa; explore the still-evolving Witchcraft of Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone; trip through the ever-shifting shoals of the urban Witch’s playground, New York City, and probe more deeply into how totems choose us (instead of the other way around.) We also feature musings on the benefits of relationships with companion animals, the mysteries of polarity, avoiding the perils of dualism, how to make your own witchy jewelry, promoting a healthy magical mindset, and even how to prepare for the disposal of your magical “stuff” after you die.

Plus two short stories, a triplet of poems, and a true-life tale of post-mortem animal magic. It’s a rich, even heady, curry of ideas, people, questions (and sometimes, but not always, answers). I hope it stimulates your thinking about these thorny, but fascinating ideas. Ninety-six illustrated pages.

On sale paper edition.
Also available in a digital edition.

Featured Classic Digital Issue

Weaving the WebWeaving the Web
SageWoman #81.
25th Anniversary Issue
Only $5.95. Save 14%.

The connections between women, Goddess, and nature have never been so lovingly described as in this luminous issue. We begin "Wheels with Wheels: 30 Years of Creating Women's Culture with the Motherpeace Tarot," an exclusive interview with co-creators Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble about the amazing process of bringing the first genuinely feminist Tarot deck into being.

Next is a triplet of articles on the magic of spiders (both literal and metaphorical) including Ashling Kelly's "Spin Me a Yarn," Marilyn Steele's "Spider Woman Speaks," and tapestry weaver Savitri Bess's spiritual memoir "Glimpses of Maya, Weaver of Creation." You'll look differently at our own webs of connection when you are finished reading these heartfelt stories.

Three more meditations on finding the Goddess in the wildness that surrounds us, even in the city, make up the next layer of articles. Julie McIntyre's "In the Presence of Wilderness" is an account of how she found the Goddess of the wild as a child, lost her connection, and returned to it as an older adult woman. M.C. Reardon's learns that moving from the country to suburbia that isn't as disconnected from nature as she feared in "Lessons from Deer Woman." Priscilla Berggren-Thomas travels to Glastonbury -- but finds the Goddess in the presence of a familiar form in "Dances with Sheep," and you'll never look at a sand dollar quite the same way after reading Mary Zelinka's vivid evocation of the magic of connecting directly with the Goddess in nature, "Beach Combing."

There's so much more in this issue, too; Diana Paxson introduces us to the Norse Goddess of Weaving, Frigga; plus a new Goddess astrology column, crafting with clay, plentiful parsley, the Goddess on the Internet, and much more. 96 pages of juicy Goddess goodness.

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Also available in a paper edition.

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